How To Slow Down Aging TODAY – New Longevity Medicine Procedure

A new type of Longevity Medical Procedure is currently being tested on actual humans instead of just Mice. This new medicine is called Rapamycin and has the ability to slow down aging so much, that you can easily become over 100 years old.
Rapamycin, which is often also called Sirolimus, has been tested on different animals before and has had great results in slowing down aging and preventing age-related diseases such as cancer. David Sinclair seems to thinks that this trial is very promising aswell and urges us to donate to get this clinical trial off the ground. This may be the first part of us humans reaching some sort of longevity escape velocity.
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00:00 What this experiment is all about
01:24 How Rapamycin works
03:48 How this clinical Trial will go
05:46 How you can help this longevity study
07:02 Last Words
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