Humanoid Warehouse Robot – Boston Dynamics Competitor

Boston Dynamics has a new Competitor in the smart robot industry. Agility Robotics has created and already launched its humanoid robot to use in warehouses and construction. Unlike Boston Dynamics Atlas, it’s much cheaper and easier to move around due to its smaller stature.

Robots Agility has named their bipedal human robot “Digit” after creating the Cassie Robot which is just a pair of legs and feed and has the ability to walk up stairs or simply run. Digit is already in full commercial production and can be bought by companies. The future of robots in the workplace and in jobs is very exciting. Finally Boston Dynamics has some competition.
Every day is a day closer to the Technological Singularity. Experience Robots learning to walk & think, humans flying to Mars and us finally merging with technology itself. And as all of that happens, we at AI News cover the absolute cutting edge best technology inventions of Humanity.

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