I got my machine learning model deployed! | Airbnb Amenity Detection Part 8

After a few days of fiddling around, I managed to get my amenity detecting machine learning deployed. I built an app around it using Streamlit, wrapped it all up in a Docker image and then deployed it to Google’s App Engine.

Check it out for yourself – https://airbnb-amenity-detection.appspot.com/ (note: it may break if many people are looking at it)

We crossed the 42-day mark in this video (this project started out as a 42-day project to learn and explore).

That means it’s time to reassess, see what could be done differently/improved upon next time.

All videos in this series:
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Part 8 (getting my modelling deployed) – https://youtu.be/smlQbh6jQvg
Part 9 (project wrap up and retrospective) – https://youtu.be/aBkUE5OJ8u8

Note: I am not affiliated with Airbnb nor are they involved with this series of videos in any way.

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Airbnb Amenity Detection article – https://link.medium.com/05qPErz3a4
Streamlit (build your own ML tools & apps) – https://streamlit.io
How to Deploy Streamlit Apps to Google’s App Engine – https://blog.jcharistech.com/2020/01/14/how-to-deploy-streamlit-apps-to-google-cloud-platformgcp-app-engine/

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