i left my machine learning job

14 months ago, I started as a machine learning intern at Max Kelsen. Then that internship rolled into a job as a machine learning engineer. I learned a bunch and feel very privileged to have met everyone on the team.

Last week was my last week at Max Kelsen. I’d had a feeling for a while to go and start my own business. So that’s what I’m doing.

Let’s see how it goes.

Original internship day 1 video – https://youtu.be/OVk4QZ-la1Q

What I used to get a job:
My AI Masters Degree – https://bit.ly/AIMastersDegree
My favourite AI/ML courses – https://bit.ly/AIMLresources

Web – https://bit.ly/mrdbourkeweb
Quora – https://bit.ly/mrdbourkequora
Medium – https://bit.ly/mrdbourkemedium
Twitter – https://bit.ly/mrdbourketwitter
LinkedIn – https://bit.ly/mrdbourkelinkedin
Email updates – https://bit.ly/mrdbourkenewsletter

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