I signed up for Y Combinator's Startup School

I signed up for Y Combinators Startup School 2019 edition. It’s a free 10-week program to help you learn what it takes to build a startup (and actually build one at the same time).

Note: Startup School is not an official Y Combinator batch.

I signed up to hold myself accountable for building the startup I want to build.

My goal is to combine my knowledge of nutrition and technology into a healthtech company, Nutrify. Our long-term mission will be to answer the question ‘what should I eat?’

As we don’t have a business model to fund searching for the answer to this question yet, my short-term mission is to develop cashflow to fund Nutrify. I’ll be doing this by building an online business (what you’re seeing in this video).

If you have any advice on building a healthtech company, I’d love to hear it.

PS If my regular videos start to change, it’s because I’m working on these two things.

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The Hundred-Page Machine Learning Book — https://bit.ly/100pageMLbook

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