Is 13 too young to start learning machine learning? | 97,777 Subscriber Livestream Q&A

Come and celebrate 97,777 subscribers with me and ask me anything.

Why 97,777?

I like the number 7.

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0:00 – Intro & hello
3:39 – Preface & warning (I don’t know much)
5:07 – How to ask a good question
5:25 – Q&A start
6:31 – What was your former job before machine learning?
8:47 – Do I have a date of release for the hardcover of my book?
9:04 – How to adapt to a Lindy life?
11:56 – How to overcome laziness before a workout or exercise or even a walk?
14:03 – Tidbits on eating quality food?
15:11 – Why did you get into programming?
16:19 – Best way to learn time series prediction for the stock market?
20:30 – What needs to be considered for full-stack ML applications?
23:28 – Advice for a computer science student (poor question)
25:40 – How to start a job before you have it
28:49 – Will you do a state of AI video this year?
29:50 – Will ML and AI influence bureaucracy?
31:48 – I’m 13 years old, am I too young to learn machine learning?
33:35 – I’m an ex-Google machine learning engineer, how can I make ML videos on YouTube?
35:53 – Ken Jee stops by
36:15 – Have I worked on distributed apps? And blockchain singularity net (I don’t know what this is)
40:05 – Can anyone take fastai courses?
41:12 – How should I improve my coding skills?
44:10 – How important is domain-specific knowledge and picking the right models?
46:57 – Discuss the full ML lifecycle, including data collection to deployment
48:28 – Is NLP a good start project?
50:15 – Do data scientists write less code than software developers?
52:33 – Will there be object detection or advanced ML courses in the future?
54:52 – Is math necessary for machine learning?
57:41 – What projects are you working on?
58:19 – Rant on career vs family
1:01:07 – What book do you recommend for CNN’s?
1:01:36 – Should I interview for ML intern starting position?
1:02:34 – How to enter into bioinformatics for non-biology students?
1:03:02 – Do you plan on making more advanced TensorFlow courses?
1:03:30 – How do you balance social life and learning?
1:05:04 – Have you ever been in a low point? If yes, how did you come out of it?
1:08:49 – Can you advise me on my final year project?
1:09:12 – What are you plans in the mid/long run?
1:11:08 – Do you plan on staying on your current job for a while? Or taking other opportunities?
1:14:14 – Thank you thank you thank you

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