It's going to be a big (and fast) Summer of learning | Machine Learning Monthly August 2020

From new Nvidia GPUs to using machine learning to enrich colonoscopy data to a brand new tutorial series on MLOps, it’s been a massive month in machine learning.

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Other links mentioned:
Visual Neural Networks by @vcubingx –
Which GPUs for deep learning by Tim Dettmers –
fastai2 launch –
ML for colonoscopy improvement –
minGPT by Andrei Karpathy –
MLOps tutorial series –
Deploying a machine learning model using FastAPI –
Nvidia’s new 30 series graphics cards –
On-device supermarket product detection –

0:00 – Intro
1:50 – How I’d start learning machine learning again blog post
3:30 – Visual neural networks by vcubingx
4:50 – Using machine learning to improve colonoscopies
10:30 – New fastaiv2 announces
14:25 – minGPT by Andrei Karpathy
16:25 – Less supervised computer vision
18:50 – MLOps tutorial series
20:37 – How to deploy and host a ML model with FastAPI and Heroku
22:20 – On-device supermarket product detection
25:20 – Faster ML with Nvidia’s new 30 series GPUs
26:35 – Which GPUs should you use for deep learning blog post
28:10 – Sign off

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