I've got a new favourite machine learning book | Machine Learning Monthly October 2020

Every month I collect the most outstanding resources in the world of machine learning and put them together in a short report called Machine Learning Monthly. This video adds commentary to those resources.

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0:00 – Intro/hello
1:29 – The 10 Commandments of Self-Taught Machine Learning Engineers
3:30 – Kevin’s ML powered mask detecting Telegram Bot
6:50 – NLP fire sale (plethora of NLP resources)
7:25 – Modern Practical NLP by Johnathan Mugan
9:25 – Getting started with NLP by Elvis Saravia
10:35 – The Super Duper NLP repo (plenty of NLP examples) by Quantum Stat
12:30 – NLP News by Sebastian Ruder
14:00 – Phenomenal NLP repo by Tae-Hwan Jung
15:46 – State of AI Report 2020
16:40 – A 2020 guide to Data & Infrastructure
19:55 – Putting ML into production course by Made with ML
21:25 – My new favourite ML book: Machine Learning Engineering by Andriy Burkov
23:12 – The NumPy manifesto
25:18 – The Incredible PyTorch (bulk PyTorch examples) by Ritchie Ng
26:35 – Transformers for computer vision
30:15 – Training a custom object detection model for mobile guide by Jim Su from Roboflow
32:25 – Gradient Dissent podcast by Weights & Biases
34:00 – Summary/goodbye 👋


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