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Join Dr Tim Scarfe, Sayak Paul, Yannic Kilcher, and Alex Stenlake have a conversation with Mr. Chai Time Data Science; Sanyam Bhutani!

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:42 Show kick off
00:06:34 How did Sanyam get started into ML
00:07:46 Being a content creator
00:09:01 Can you be self taught without a formal education in ML?
00:22:54 Kaggle
00:33:41 H20 product / job
00:40:58 Intepretability / bias / engineering skills
00:43:22 Get that first job in DS
00:46:29 AWS ML Ops architecture / ml engineering / coding best practices
01:14:19 Patterns
01:18:09 Testability
01:20:54 Adversarial examples

Sanyam’s blog — https://sanyambhutani.com/tag/chaitimedatascience/
Chai Time Data Science — https://www.youtube.com/c/ChaiTimeDataScience

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