Learning with Limited Labeled Data with Shioulin Sam – TWiML Talk #255

Today, in the first episode of our Strata Data conference series, we’re joined by Shioulin Sam, Research Engineer with Cloudera Fast Forward Labs.

Shioulin and I caught up to discuss the newest report to come out of CFFL, “Learning with Limited Label Data,” which explores active learning as a means to build applications requiring only a relatively small set of labeled data. We start our conversation with a review of active learning and some of the reasons why it’s recently become an interesting technology for folks building systems based on deep learning. We then discuss some of the differences between active learning approaches or implementations, and some of the common requirements of an active learning system. Finally, we touch on some packaged offerings in the marketplace that include active learning, including Amazon’s SageMaker Ground Truth, and review Shoulin’s tips for getting started with the technology.

The complete show notes for this episode can be found at https://twimlai.com/talk/255.

For more from the Strata Data conference series, visit twimlai.com/stratasf19.

I want to send a quick thanks to our friends at Cloudera for their sponsorship of this series of podcasts from the Strata Data Conference, which they present along with O’Reilly Media. Cloudera’s long been a supporter of the podcast; in fact, they sponsored the very first episode of TWiML Talk, recorded back in 2016. Since that time Cloudera has continued to invest in and build out its platform, which already securely hosts huge volumes of enterprise data, to provide enterprise customers with a modern environment for machine learning and analytics that works both in the cloud as well as the data center. In addition, Cloudera Fast Forward Labs provides research and expert guidance that helps enterprises understand the realities of building with AI technologies without needing to hire an in-house research team. To learn more about what the company is up to and how they can help, visit Cloudera’s Machine Learning resource center at cloudera.com/ml.

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