Managing Deep Learning Experiments with Lukas Biewald – TWIML Talk 295

Today we are joined by Lukas Biewald, CEO and Co-Founder of Weights & Biases. Lukas, previously CEO and Founder of Figure Eight (CrowdFlower), has a straightforward goal: provide researchers with SaaS that is easy to install, simple to operate, and always accessible. Seeing a need for reproducibility in deep learning experiments, Lukas founded Weights & Biases. In this episode we discuss:

The experiment tracking tool, how it works, and the components that make it unique in the ML marketplace The open, collaborative culture that Lukas promotes How Lukas got his start in deep learning experiments, what his experiment tracking used to look like, The current Weights & Biases business success strategy and what his team is working on today The complete show notes for this episode can be found at

Thanks to our friends at Weights & Biases for their support of the show, their sponsorship of this episode, and our upcoming event, TWIMLcon: AI Platforms.

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