Neural Compression — Lectures 6 & 7 — Stream Codes I: Asymmetric Numeral Systems (ANS)

Sixth and seventh week of the course “Data Compression With Deep Probabilistic Models” by Prof. Robert Bamler at University of Tübingen (summer term of 2021).

These videos were deliberately recorded at a calm pace. Click the cogwheel in the lower right corner of the video player to adjust playback speed to your personal preference.

Playlist for entire course:

Lecture notes:

Problem Set 6 (optimality of positional systems coder):
Problem Set 7 (streaming ANS):
More course materials:

Solutions to Problem Set 6:
Solutions to Problem Set 7:

If you just want to *use* these stream codes then you may want to have a look at Problem Set 5, which gives a brief introduction into the “constriction” library for Python and Rust:

See also:

© Robert Bamler / University of Tübingen, 2021 CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

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