NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 vs 3080 vs 3070 vs 3060Ti for Machine Learning

In this video we look at a high-end machine learning workstation provided by Exxact corporation. I will feature this machine in several videos, any suggestions on what to try? In this video we review the system specs and perform a simple test of the two 3090 GPUs.

0:36 Exxact System
1:07 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30xx Overview
2:48 StyleGAN2 ADA PyTorch Benchmark
8:28 3090 NVLink

Exact system specs:

** System Used **

* TRX40 Motherboard
* Threadripper 3960x
* 128GB Memory (16GBx8)
* 2x 4TB PCIe 4.0 NVME
* 2x NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 | 3080 | 3070
* NVLINK Bridge w/3090

For more information about the machine featured in this video, please visit:

0:56 Exxact Corporation
1:29 System Specs
3:01 Starting the System
3:51 SSH Tunnel
4:07 Monitoring GPU Performance
4:51 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090
7:00 Detect GPU
7:30 Test Multiple GPUs

Jupyter remote through SSH tunneling:

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