Pathways in Machine Learning/Data Science

-Welcome to our virtual event on pathways in Data Science and Machine Learning. We are excited to feature industry leaders including:

-Caroline Lair, Founder of The Good AI, Co-founder of Women in AI
-Sadie St Lawrence, Founder and CEO, Women in Data
-Gabriela de Queiroz, Chief Data Scientist, AI Strategy and Innovation, IBM
-Brooke Wenig, Director of Machine Learning Practice, Databricks

Our speakers will be covering:

-When and how to decide to go all-in on Data Science and Machine Learning in your career.
-What role does MLOps play in your organization today, and what skills are required for up-and-coming ML practitioners to succeed within it.
-How to prepare for what it will be like to work on a high-performing AI team.
-Difficult pivots, when should these be made, and ways to advance your career.
-And much much more! Please post your questions in the YouTube live chat.

Event hosts:
-DeepLearning.AI: to pre-sign up for the most popular foundational machine learning course, click here:
– FourthBrain:

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