Prioritizing AI/ML Projects in Your Organization

As AI/ML becomes popular, every product/service organization is looking to add these capabilities to improve business outcomes. A number of such organizations embark too quickly on these projects, only to face various roadblocks and eventually fail. How do we plan, prioritize and prepare for AI/ML to maximize our potential for success?

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Event agenda:

10 mins Presentation from Kumaran Ponnambalam, Principal Engineer – AI, Cisco Systems Inc.
-Why should we prioritize AI/ML Projects?
-How do we generate innovative ideas?
-What criteria to consider while prioritizing Ideas?
-What roadblocks will we encounter?
-How do we measure success?

10 mins Presentation from Andrea Stefanucci, Head of Product Management, AI Research at J.P. Morgan
-Moving towards an AI-first mindset
-Long term vs. short term time horizon
-Experimentation thru test & learn
-Driving scale

20 mins fireside chat moderated by Greg Loughnane, Head of Product, FourthBrain

20 mins Q&A: taking live questions from our community on Discourse

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