Real Lab Grown Meat is Here! – Buying Synthetic Meat TODAY

Lab Grown Meat is finally here, and you’re able to buy it yourself to finally give it a try. The US Startup “Eat Just” released their cultured chicken nuggets to select store shelves in 2021 for everyone to try out.
Real Lab Grown Meat is finally here. Although currently, in a rather expensive fashion. Many food companies are now trying to give producing clean meats a try on their own.

Josh Tetrick new cultured meat company called Eat Just is the first company to sell cultured meats. Unlike Beyond Meats or Impossible Foods plant-based foods, their foods are actually made from animal cells and thus taste exactly the same as regular meat. But of course without the ethical and environmental concerns.
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00:00 What is “Cultured Meat”?
01:42 How “Eat Just” makes their Products
03:41 Problems with Cultured Meats
05:51 The future of consuming Meat
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