Real Talk with Airbnb Machine Learning Engineer

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0:25 How did you become a machine learning engineer?
2:42 How does the role of machine learning engineer differ from a software engineer or data scientist?
4:33 What’s a concrete example of a machine learning project you worked on at Airbnb?
7:10 What is the day-to-day work like?
8:36 What tech stack or tools do you use?
10:16 What does the hiring process look like for a machine learning engineer?
11:47 What are 3-5 things that a company like Airbnb is looking for in a candidate?
12:12 What are some things that separate great candidates from good ones?
13:05 How can a software engineer transition to a machine learning engineer role?
13:50 What’s the best way to demonstrate experience to an employer besides a resume?
14:15 How can a data scientist transition to a machine learning engineer role?
15:02 What types of machine learning engineer roles are there?
15:32 What are some upcoming trends in machine learning?
17:34 What’s the one piece of advice you have for students learning machine learning?

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