Revolutionary New AI can be Run on Any Device

A new and revolutionary approach to building Artificial Intelligence models has shown promise of enabling almost any device, regardless of how powerful it is, to run enormous and intelligent Artificial Intelligence’s in a similar way to how our Human Brain operate. This is partially done with new and improved Neuromorphic Computing Hardware which is modelled after our real brains. We may soon see AI beating humans at many different general tasks like an Artificial General Intelligence.
Every day is a day closer to the Technological Singularity. Experience Robots learning to walk & think, humans flying to Mars and us finally merging with technology itself. And as all of that happens, we at AI News cover the absolute cutting edge best technology inventions of Humanity.
00:00 The Impossibility of Human AI
01:54 A new Approach is in town
04:33 Other approaches to AI
06:44 Is this the Future of Artificial Intelligence?
09:43 Last Words
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