Setting Up CUDA, CUDNN, Keras, and TensorFlow on Windows 11 for GPU Deep Learning

Complete walkthrough of installing TensorFlow/Keras with GPU support on Windows 11. We make use of a “pip install” rather than conda, to ensure that we get the latest version of TensorFlow. This requires installing Visual C++, CUDA, CuDNN, as well as the Python libraries.


0:54 Installation Guides
2:03 Step 1: NVIDIA Video Driver
3:49 Step 2: Visual C++
7:04 Step 3: CUDA
8:20 Step 4: CuDNN
12:38 Step 5: Anaconda and Miniconda
15:21 Step 6: Jupyter
16:31 Step 7: Environment
17:16 Step 8: Jupyter Kernel
18:13 Step 9: TensorFlow/Keras
19:46 Problems?
21:18 Test Jupyter

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