Should You Go to Grad School for Artificial Intelligence?

Should you go to graduate school for artificial intelligence? As a physics PhD I have some insights for you that you may not have heard elsewhere.

Graduate school is immensely rewarding, yet also incredibly difficult intellectually and emotionally. You’ll have to deal with solving novel and complex problems, as well as learning how to deal with sacrificing your social life.

Learn about how to choose your PhD committee as well as how to get things done in the face of immense pressure.

Learn how to turn deep reinforcement learning papers into code:

Deep Q Learning:

Actor Critic Methods:

Curiosity Driven Deep Reinforcement Learning

Natural Language Processing from First Principles: Learning Fundamentals

Here are some books / courses I recommend (affiliate links):
Grokking Deep Learning in Motion:
Grokking Deep Learning:
Grokking Deep Reinforcement Learning:

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