SingularityNET: 2022 Mid Year Update and Financial Report AMA

Following the release of the 2021 financial report we received a lot of questions and we thank you for your engagement! On Wednesday, August 3rd we held an AMA session to address as many of them as possible. This session was led by Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET and Janet Adams, COO of SingularityNET.


00:00:00 – Introduction and welcome to the AMA
00:03:45 – Benchmark of Ben Goertzel’s salary at SingularityNET
00:05:35 – Should we vote who should hold the CEO position?
00:09:00 – SingularityDAO, NuNet and SophiaDAO funding sources
00:10:25 – Plans for audited financial audits and transparency
00:13:30 – Ben’s reiteration on funding sources for spin-offs
00:16:45 – Accelerated growth of the AGIX token by SingularityDAO and NuNet
00:18:05 – Detailed expenses report for this financial review
00:18:50 – What Amplify is up to and non-recurring expenses
00:20:55 – Can we vote on partnerships as well like we do on Deep Funding?
00:21:45 – It’s unquestionable that we need AI. How do we go about it?
00:22:21 – What about Deep Funding, is there a funding report for that?
00:23:10 – Why not provide any transaction information
00:28:00 – When exactly the foundation bought and sold tokens?
00:28:28 – What was the marketing budget spent on?
00:28:45 – How much is being held right now?
00:29:19 – Where is governance in the future of SNET?
00:35:57 – Where’s the supervisory council or group?
00:37:50 – What happened to the supervisory council?
00:38:50 – Possibilities for the community to exert influence
00:39:57 – Where is SingularityNET’s CFO?
00:41:00 – How much is the foundation paying the CFO?
00:41:35 – Sustainability of the foundation’s research efforts
00:45:50 – How much AI research and development is going to private companies?
00:46:57 – How much of the research yielded products?
00:49:39 – What is the plan to kickstart demand for tokens outside of marketing and air drops?
00:53:00 – Do we have realistic milestones?
00:57:25 – Spending millions per year with so little tangible results?
01:05:30 – Building proper revenue channels to justify token holding
01:09:00 – Big ambitions and scattering into too many directions
01:11:53 – Clarity on the LDA deal
01:14:00 – What is happening with the Cardano integration?
01:14:25 – How are early investors going to be rewarded?
01:14:40 – Why is the SingularityDAO AGIX token utilization completely off the mark?
01:16:40 – Why should I continue to hold any tokens?
01:17:20 – No core products. They just spend tokens in order to cover expenses.
01:18:25 – Financial outlook is missing from reports.
01:18:43 – How long can SingularityNET continue in case of a prolonged bear market
01:19:42 – Detailing of all OTCs and token sales, including the spinoffs
01:21:00 – SingularityNET’s involvement in DynaSets
01:21:40 – When is the next Deep Funding round?
01:22:33 – Is there any plan to categorize services on the AI marketplace?
01:23:10 – Net income clarifications
01:24:45 – What is SingularityNET doing to support farmers with innovative technologies?
01:26:50 – Are we amazing?
01:28:04 – Closing statements


SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence. We aim to create the world’s global brain with a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol.

We gathered the leading minds in machine learning and blockchain to democratize access to AI technology. Now anyone can take advantage of a global network of AI algorithms, services, and agents.


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