SingularityNET: AGI 2022 | Janet Adams & Charles Simon: Will Computers Revolt?

Janet Adams, COO of SingularityNET, and Charles Simon, Co-Founder and CEO of Future AI, met recently to discuss the future of AGI (which is sooner than you think!) and the upcoming AGI-22 Conference.

The discussion covers the origins of AGI, the pathway to AGI, and the growing importance of AGI to business and the most important question, as answered by Charles’ book: Will Computers Revolt?

SingularityNET is co-organizing and sponsoring the FREE Live Stream for AGI-22, and FutureAI is the AGI Session Sponsor for the Conference.

Reserve your spot at AGI-22:

AGI-22 Conference is fast approaching, with live and virtual spots filling fast. The lineup is set to be some of the most innovative AGI explorations yet.

Complete schedule of AGI-22:

▶️ 11 Invited speakers, including Joscha Bach, Gary Marcus, Charles Simon, Ben Goertzel
▶️ 31 Contributed Papers, and 13 Research Posters, covering the latest and most innovative AGI research and development
▶️ 5 workshops, to provide in-depth exploration into AGI frameworks and topics
▶️ A General Audience day, exploring the topic “Ethical Machine Creativity” with a welcome and intro from the ambassador of AGI herself, Sophia the Robot

3 Options for Live or Virtual Conference Attendance:

▶️ Attend Live in Person – The conference will be held live in person at the historic Seattle venue “The Crocodile,” where participants will get to be a part of the action.
▶️ Premium Virtual Attendance – For those who cannot attend live in the area, premium virtual attendance will allow the next best thing.
▶️ FREE – Full Livestream of Conference (sponsored by SingularityNET) – AGI will be humanity’s greatest creation, and its creation should be shared by all of humanity. SingularityNET will be hosting a FREE live stream of the entire 4 days of the conference on their YouTube channel so that the global AGI community can participate at no cost.

Register now for your live, premium virtual, or live stream participation:


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We gathered the leading minds in machine learning and blockchain to democratize access to AI technology. Now anyone can take advantage of a global network of AI algorithms, services, and agents.


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