SingularityNET: COVID-19 Simulation Summit

An Online Meeting of the Minds Among Top Global Scientists!

The COVID-19 Simulation Summit is an online event focused on the use of agent-based simulation models for more effective simulation of COVID-19 spread and evaluation of COVID-19 policies. The event will consist of live video talks, Q&A sessions, and panel discussions.

The event will gather together scientists with insight and experience in simulation modelling of complex systems (especially but not only agent-based modelling) and complex systems dynamics; along with scientists and physicians with specific insight into COVID-19 and related epidemiological issues.

Event Schedule – 30th April – PST

10:30 – Dr. Ben Goertzel – Opening & Introductory Keynote –
11:15 – Dr. Yaneer Bar-Yam – The Coronavirus and Modeling of its Pandemic
12:00 – Dr. Robin Hanson – Variolation and Vouching as Alternate Pandemic Policies
12:45 – Break
13:00 – Dr.Petronio Candido – Agent-Based Simulation of COVID-19 Health and Economical Effects
13:45 – Dr. Eva Lee – Modeling and Evaluating Intervention Options and Strategies for COVID-19 Containment: A Biological-Behavioral-Logistics Computation Decision Framework
14:45 – break
15:00 – Roger Ng, MD – Ray NG, MD – COVID-19: A Front-Line Physician’s Perspective
15:45 – Dr. Deborah Duong – Modeling COVID-19 Using Simulated Agents with Intelligence and Culture
16:30 – Break
16:45 – Vinay Gupta, Dr. Anish Mohammad, Dr. Mircea Davidescu, Dr.Nabarun Dasgupta – Panel: Simulating the Pandemic: Perspectives on COVID-19 Modeling. Moderate by Gina Smith
17:45 – Break
17:50 – Dr. Ben Goertzel – Agent-Based Modeling of COVID-19 — Next Steps and Broader Implications


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