SingularityNET: Decentralized Economy – The State of Cryptocurrency

We are in an exciting time for cryptocurrency, decentralized finance, fintech, and emerging technology as a whole. This all-star panel of crypto investors and thought leaders helps us understand where we are currently in the crypto market and provides a vision for where it is going in the near and long term.

Bill Inman – CEO Singularity Studio, Host Decentralized Economy, advisor to multiple emerging tech companies, see more at and

David Marshall –
– Partner at Marshland Capital
– Prolific cryptocurrency investor, private placement traditional banks 20 years. 10-15 private placements every year. 20 this year.
– Fund manager for a private equity fund celestial group
– Starting in emerging markets equities for companies in EMEA and the UK
– Received MBA

Matthew Land – Better known as OhHeyMatty, investor, influencer, advisor. He and David are two of our top advisors at SingularityDAO.
– Partner at Marshland Capital
– Strategic Advisor for multiple digital asset funds
– Youtube Personality — Oh Hey Matty! Youtube channel Created hundreds of insightful videos on cryptocurrency and hosted many esteemed guests over the past 3 years.
– Has a software engineering background
– BS in Computer Science from Rowan University

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