SingularityNET: Decentralized Health | AI for Precision Medicine and Disaster Relief Management Insights

This video is a conversation with world-renowned Disaster Relief Expert, Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez, and host of the Health Unchained podcast, Ray Dogum. 

Internet connection failed us a bit, hence the quality of the video is not always at the top level.

In 2017, Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez was the first person to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award in Disaster Medicine for his contributions to healthcare security and disaster medical response worldwide.

Board-certified in nine specialties, Dr. Ramirez is a former Senior Physician/Federal Medical Officer, Emergency Room Doctor, Disaster Medicine Specialist, and Bioterrorism/Hazmat expert with clinical and field response experience spanning over 2 decades.

Currently COO at Audible health AI which is funded by the National Science Foundation and he serves as Emeritus Medical Director of the High Alert Institute team. 


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