SingularityNET: General Theory of General Intelligence: OpenCog Hyperon in General AGI Theory (8/10)

This is Episode 8 in a series of videos discussing the General Theory of General Intelligence as overviewed in the paper
Goertzel, Ben. “The General Theory of General Intelligence: A Pragmatic Patternist Perspective.”
This episode discusses the OpenCog Hyperon AGI framework — at an early stage of development at the time this video was recorded — and how it aims to effectively manifest lessons from general AGI theory.
Some additional references relevant to this episode are:
Notes on OpenCog Hyperon (with links to many documents, videos of current relevance)
2012 Overview of Original OpenCog Concepts/Design
A long-out-of-date list of papers related to Original OpenCog,
Some interesting links from Linas Vepstas on some of the theory behind the Original OpenCog system and its Pattern Matcher in particular:
Linas Vepstas. Sheaves: A topological approach to big data.
Linas Vepstas. Graphs, metagraphs, ram, cpu. 2020.
Linas Vepstas. Pattern engine. 2020.
Linas Vepstas. Satisfactionlink and querylink. 2020.


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