SingularityNET: Intro to Privacy Preserving ML – Anish Mohammed / Fireside chat with Nth Opinion – MD Roger & Ray Ng

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The Decentralized AI Alliance, supported by SingularityNET and Ocean Protocol, is bringing together global AI and blockchain projects and developers to develop and launch open-source code using AI and/or blockchain to combat COVID-19, reduce risks from future infectious outbreaks, and cope with the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The short series of educational webinars are meant for both technical and nontechnical audiences about some of the most important topics surrounding the challenges in Hackathon: To start it off:

1. Privacy-Preserving AI

Exploring some of the concepts behind the topic of privacy-preserving AI.

Thursday- 8:30 – 9:45pm – Introduction to Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning by Anish Mohammed, Head of research at Institute of Information Systems

Fireside chat with founding physicians of Nth Opinion: Ray Ng, MD and Roger Ng, MD

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SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence. We aim to create the world’s global brain with a full-stack AI solution powered by a decentralized protocol.

We gathered the leading minds in machine learning and blockchain to democratize access to AI technology. Now anyone can take advantage of a global network of AI algorithms, services, and agents.


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