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Moderator: Gina Smith, PhD
Based in Hong Kong, Gina Smith, PhD is the New York Times bestselling author of Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak’s biography, iWoz, and The Genomics Age, a 2008 Barron’s Book of the Year. A former ABC News correspondent and a longtime tech journalist, she holds a PhD in clinical psychology and currently works as a research analyst at International Data Corp.

Vinay Gupta was the release coordinator for the Ethereum blockchain, and is now CEO of Mattereum, a leading blockchain firm working on digital identities for a variety of physical asset classes. Prior to this, he was a worst case scenario planner and humanitarian innovator working on large scale contingencies including climate refugees (Hexayurt Project) and pandemics. A lifetime meditator, he’s legendarily sceptical about the New Age concepts like “rising global consciousness” while remaining a strong proponent of personal journeys of transformation.

Dr. Mircea Davidescu is an enthusiast for data-driven business strategy targeted to marketing and customer behavior in the financial sector. Mircea completed his Ph.D in ecology at Princeton University, focusing on collective behavior. With experience in analytics consulting, data science, and marketing, Mircea currently leads big data innovation initiatives at Fair Square Financial, a fast-growing fintech startup. He is passionate about the use of data to understand customer behavior, and using next-generation technologies that can unlock the collective wisdom of crowds and societies.

As an epidemiologist, Dr. Nabarun Dasgupta’s mission is to tell true stories about health with numbers. His data lab at the Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill harnesses big data to study infectious diseases and medication side effects, including COVID-19 and opioids. Prior to joining UNC, he was the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Epidemico, Inc. a public health informatics startup.

Dr. Anish Mohammed is a multi disciplinarian who has worked as medical doctor, bioinformatician, strategy consultant and cryptographer. He has spend half his career researching cryptographic algorithms and protocols at three different research groups.He was an early adviser to Ripple, cofounder of Ethicsnet, advisor to Ocean Protocol and head of research at the Information Sciences Institute at SRH University of Applied Sciences

On April 30th, 2020, the DAIA Foundation has organized an online COVID-19 Simulation Summit. The summit was focused on the use of agent based simulation models for more effective simulation of COVID-19 spread and evaluation of COVID-19 policies. Consisting of live video talks, Q&A sessions, and panel discussions,
the event gathered together scientists with insight and experience in simulation modeling of complex systems (especially but not only agent based modeling) and complex systems dynamics; along with scientists and physicians with specific insight into COVID-19 and related epidemiological issues.

The epidemiological models of COVID-19 spreading dynamics that are driving current policy decisions are generally well thought out and carefully implemented, however they also tend to be highly simplistic relative to the complexity of the actual situation.

Among many other factors, they don’t generally factor in the impacts of various interventions and control policies, nor do they account for the different behavior patterns of different classes of people.

The agent based simulation paradigm allows a finer-grained sort of modeling, in which a region (or the world as a whole) is modeled as a specific geometry occupied by interacting autonomous agents with a diversity of specific behavior patterns. An in-depth agent based simulation of COVID-19 spreading would allow better-grounded policy choices to be made regarding how to manage, control and cope with the pandemic.


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