Stakeholder capitalism: Why should business leaders care?

This session looks at the rise of Stakeholder Capitalism and why it is an important consideration for c-suite in their short and long-term strategic planning.This panel will discuss how AI can provide wide-ranging stakeholder intelligence as a critical Stakeholder Capitalism benchmark for providing business leaders with “why?” stakeholders feel the way they do about business activities. In a world where decision-makers are drowning in data, this panel will also digest “how” this insight can be used to create opportunities that meet stakeholders’ expectations as businesses tackle an increasingly challenging reputational environment with the rise of boycotting and media storms, both on and offline.

Caroline Gorski – Chief Executive – R² Factory at Rolls-Royce
Dr. Márcia Balisciano – Global Head of ESG and Corporate Responsibility – RELX
Robin Nuttall – Expert Partner – McKinsey & Co
Alberto Lopez Valenzuela – Founder & CEO – alva

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