The AI Buzz, Episode #1: ChatGPT, Transformers and Attention

Hello, I’m Josh Starmer from the YouTube channel, StatQuest with Josh Starmer. And I’m Luke Antiga, CEO of Lightning AI. And together we’re going to talk, to dig it together, we host the AI Buzz, where we’re going to talk about the latest trends in AI, and just talk about why they will change everything, […]

Reinforcement Learning for Personalization at Spotify with Tony Jebara – 609

All right, everyone. Welcome to another episode of the Twilmo AI podcast. I am your host, Sam Charrington. And today I’m joined by Tony Jabara. Tony is a vice president of engineering and head of machine learning at Spotify. Before we get going, be sure to take a moment to hit that subscribe button wherever […]

Dr Sabine Haeurt on the Impact of AI | CogX17 Highlights | CogX

Hi everyone, so I’m an optimist. I think robots and AI have the ability to improve the way we work, the way we live, and the way we explore new frontiers. And I think there’s many worthy applications. This whole notion of precision agriculture and our ability to use AI and robotics is going to […]

TOP 5 Artificial Intelligences of 2022 – Flamingo: Human Level AI?

During the past two years, and especially during this one, the race to creating the biggest and best artificial intelligences has been heating up considerably with almost all of the big tech companies one-upping each other on almost a monthly basis. In this video, I will show you the best and smartest artificial intelligences created […]

Two Minute Papers: How To Get Started With Machine Learning? #51

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is two-minute papers with Kato Ejolene Ifehir. I get a lot of messages from you fellow scholars that you would like to get started in machine learning and are looking for materials. Words fail to describe how great the feeling is that the series inspires many of you to start your […]