StartUp to IPO: The ethical mission of our startups

So how does your Monday morning going? We had a very interesting first speech and the second one is going to be hopefully as interesting. We’re just going to make sure that your Monday is going to be super enthusiastic and full of energy. So we’re just putting a lot of things, including a secret […]

AI for High-Stakes Decision Making with Hima Lakkaraju – #387

Welcome to the Twimal AI Podcast. I’m your host Sam Charrington. Hey, what is up, good Twimal people? Before we jump into today’s show from our CVPR series, I’d like to share a few quick details about the next great event in our continuing live discussion series. Join us on Wednesday, July 1st for the […]

CICERO: The first AI to play Diplomacy at a human level | Meta AI

Games have served as benchmarks and challenge problems for AI going back decades. In 1997 you have Deep Blue famously beating Gary Kasparov in chess. In 2016 you famously have AlphaGo beating Lisa Dahl and Go. In 2019 we managed to make an AI that could be top humans in poker as well.