Reinforcement Learning for Personalization at Spotify with Tony Jebara – 609

All right, everyone. Welcome to another episode of the Twilmo AI podcast. I am your host, Sam Charrington. And today I’m joined by Tony Jabara. Tony is a vice president of engineering and head of machine learning at Spotify. Before we get going, be sure to take a moment to hit that subscribe button wherever […]

AI Just Solved a 53-Year-Old Problem! | AlphaTensor, Explained

I’m gonna show you what I think is the most exciting breakthrough we’ve made this year. I understand that generating images, and text, and code is exciting, but this… All of our tensor… This can change everything. And although all of our tensor is about matrix multiplication, and that’s what everyone is talking about, I […]

#82 – Dr. JOSCHA BACH – Digital Physics, DL and Consciousness [UNPLUGGED]

Welcome back to Street Talk, just a little bit of housekeeping before we kick off today. Paulina Salivadove is one of the organizers for a charity AI conference called AI Helps Ukraine. Now, their main goal is to raise funds for Ukraine, both from the folks attending the conference and also from companies sponsoring the […]