How Artificial Intelligence has Cured Parkinson's

Brain Computer Interfaces and Artificial Intelligence are an effective combination in curing many bad diseases and neurological issues plaguing people such as Parkinson’s and other brain diseases. Those can soon be cured with the help of deep brain stimulation. —– Every day is a day closer to the Technological Singularity. Experience Robots learning to walk […]

You Won't Believe this Bionic Arm's Abilities (Atom Touch)

Atom touch is working on the best brain controlled Bionic Arms with some of the most incredible functionality so far. Unlike some other artificial limbs, they’re directly controlled by your brain and can even in some cases send back feelings of touch. The future of cybernetics looks really incredible with such strong bionic arms. —– […]

This Amazing Brain-Chip Just Cured Paralysis

Paralysis is one of the first conditions to be completely cured by the emergence of Brain Computer Interfaces. With the help of spinal cord implantations and brain chips, patients are able to completely and reliably move their legs and arms to walk again without any sort of help. This treatment holds a lot of promise […]

Developing a Brain-Computer Interface Based on Visual Imagery

A brain-computer interface (BCI) is a technology to provide direct communication between the brain and an external device. In this project, we have utilized noninvasive electroencephalography (EEG) to record and decode neural activity during the observation and mental imagery of visual stimuli. Our platform has demonstrated successful discrimination between face and scene image categories during […]

This Brain Implant Cured Paralysis Blackrock MoveAgain BCI

The biggest Neuralink Competitor “Blackrock Neurotech” has just announced that they got FDA approval for their MoveAgain BCI which would allow people with paralysis or similar disabilities to move again. This is way ahead of what Neuralink’s Elon Musk has recently claimed. The industry of Brain Computer Interfaces is about to get really exciting very […]

How Elon Musk's Neuralink is using AI to understand the Brain

Neuralink is one of Elon Musk’s most exciting and revolutionary companies and has just posted an update on how they use Artificial Intelligence to read and write information to the human brain and help people move again after having paralysis. Human Trials are expected to be approved in 2022 with other updates of the Neuralink […]

This Scientist has Beaten Elon Musk's Neuralink

Elon Musk’s Brain Computer Interface company Neuralink has a new competitor which has already done experiments and seen results in merging Humans with Artificial Intelligence through advanced brain implants. The study has been performed much earlier than what the Neuralink Update promised back in 2021. Neuralink’s Human Trials haven’t started yet and their competition is […]

Terrifying Animal Experiments • Brain-Computer Interfaces •

Long before Brain Computer Interface Companies such as Neuralink existed, there’ve always been Brain Experiments done on Animals with crazy results. Whether it’s looking through the eyes of a cat, a monkey controlling a computer robot arm, or controlling a living beetle. Many creepy, but also amazing inventions have been done in the field of […]

Amazing Robot Arms & Legs – Futuristic Robotic Prosthetics

The eventual goal of Neuralink & other BCI companies is to help amputees control bionic arms & legs like non-paraplegics. Most of the reasearch is done in monkeys controlling computers or playing MindPong with their Neuralink-like device. But these are the most advanced robot prosthetics and bionic limbs controlled by thoughts, the persons brain and […]

How To Stop Feeling Pain Instantly – Automatically Detect and Stop Pain

Everyone experiences a little pain occasionally, but what about people suffering from strong chronic pain? This new invention might help these people stop or at the very least, lower their experience of pain. This new brain computer interface is meant to detect and instantly stop people from hurting or feeling pain without any negatives. This […]

Reading Memories from the Human Brain – SECRET Brain Project

For the first time ever, Scientists working for the United States Government and Google have managed to read and understand a portion of a brain in real time. This is going to enable abilities such as reading minds and memories from humans in the future. The question is how long it will take until the […]

YOU WILL want these New Robotic Limbs! – AI-Controlled Prosthetics

Advances in Artificial Intelligence, neuroscience and robotics have gotten us to a point where people might want to replace their biological limbs with robotic limbs due to there being more and more advantages with every passing day. Things like improved movement, intelligent controlling systems with the help of machine learning AI can help you control […]

Becoming Immortal for 10,000$? – Upload Your Mind THIS DECADE!

Becoming Immortal through Mind Uploading sounds like something that’ll only be possible around the 2100’s. But amazingly, a group of scientists at Nectome are working on giving us the ability to live forever inside of a computer simulation by the end of this decade for around 10000$. Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering at Google, has […]

Why People are Microchipping their Brains – Next-Gen BCI's: Neurograins

Neurograins might be the future of implantable Brain Computer Interfaces due to their advantages in terms of abilities and safety in terms of implantation. Due to being the smallest Microchips ever made, in addition to being very powerful, they can make very high resolution recordings of brain activity and even stimulate areas in the brain […]

CONTROL YOUR MIND with BCI | Kernel's Non-Invasive Brain Computer Interface

Bryan Johnson’s Brain Computer Interface Company Kernel, focuses on giving people the power to control their own mind with nothing more than a simple helmet. The new non-invasive BCI Headsets “Kernel Flow” and “Kernel Flux” are both set to release this year in 2021, and will eventually enable the average consumer and companies to have […]

How Google is Reading Your Thoughts – Scientists Mapping the Human Brain

Google is secretly working with the world’s leading neuroscientists on mapping the entire Human Brain. Neuroscientists at have released the most detailed 3D map of the mammalian brain ever made. Google has helped them by funding their goal to create the most detailed map yet of the connections within the human brain. It reveals a […]

These are the First Real Nanobots Entering your Body

The Rise of actually real and useful Nanobots making use of the rapidly advancing miniaturization of robotics and microchips through companies such as TSMC, Intel and Samsung. These nanobots are soon going to enable things such as full dive virtual reality, healing diseases such as cancer and potentially even increasing the longevity up to 200 […]