Global economic growth: The view from China and Europe

We explore what global economic growth looks like and focus on the view from China and Europe. What and where will economic growth come from? What are the major risks and opportunities? Will inflation act as both the big destroyer and the big enabler and also what does healthy long term growth really look like? […]

This Insane Chinese Supercomputer Changes EVERYTHING

The smartest Scientists of both China and the United States are working hard on creating the fastest hardware for future Supercomputers in the exaflop and zettaflop performance range. Companies such as Intel, Nvidia and AMD are continuing Moore’s Law with the help of amazing new processes by TSMC. These supercomputers are secret projects by the […]

[ML News] ConvNeXt: Convolutions return | China regulates algorithms | Saliency cropping examined

#mlnews #convnext #mt3 Your update on what’s new in the Machine Learning world! OUTLINE: 0:00 – Intro 0:15 – ConvNeXt: Return of the Convolutions 2:50 – Investigating Saliency Cropping Algorithms 9:40 – YourTTS: SOTA zero-shot Text-to-Speech 10:40 – MT3: Multi-Track Music Transcription 11:35 – China regulates addictive algorithms 13:00 – A collection of Deep Learning […]

AI for Healthcare with Peter Lee – TWiML Talk #231

In this episode, we’re joined by Peter Lee, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft Research responsible for the company’s healthcare initiatives. Peter and I met a few months ago at the Microsoft Ignite conference, where he gave me some really interesting takes on AI development in China. You can find more on that topic in the […]

SingularityNET: Learning by Reasoning – Smart Cities – Hugo Latapie, Cisco Chief Technology and Architecture Office

Hugo Latapie’s Keynote at the AGI conference 2019 in Shenzhen, China. Hugo takes us through a presentation looking Beyond ML/DL, focusing on Learning by Reasoning for Smarter Cities and Safer Schools. —- SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence. We aim to create the world’s global brain with a full-stack AI solution powered by […]
Kai-Fu Lee on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

★★★★★ Kai-Fu Lee on the Future of Artificial Intelligence

Kai-Fu Lee is one of the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence experts and a bestselling author. In conversation with Kamal Ahmed, former Editorial Director of the BBC, he discussed his new work of “scientific fiction”, AI 2041, co-authored with the celebrated novelist Chen Qiufan. He founded Microsoft Asia’s research lab that has trained CTOs and AI […]

China’s Scary New AI Beats Human Intelligence and the USA •

The biggest tech company in China, Jack Ma’s Alibaba has just released the biggest, most efficient and newest Artificial Intelligence Model in the world. It’s almost 100 times smarter than GPT 3 and is even expected to surpass OpenAI’s yet to be released GPT 4 in both abilities and ease of use. The Alibaba M6 […]

Economy: What about China?

Economy: What about China? China is the world’s second largest economy and its second most important superpower. It has a grand strategy for itself and for the world that may just reshape the global economy. But far from “hiding its capabilities and biding its time,” in the words of Deng Xiaoping, the China of 2021 […]

You won't Believe what China is doing now! – China Modifying the Weather

Chinese Scientists have previously showed their ability to change and control the weather inside China, but now there’s proof that they may actually modify and control the weather all over the world which has disastrous results in the form of Natural DIsasters such as Tornadoes. This video explores the possiblity of China having done this […]

Unlimited & Free Energy for YOU! – TODAY's Breakthrough Fusion Energy Reactor

A new way of creating unlimited, and most importantly FREE Energy / Electricity has been found and tested by Chinese Scientists. The so-called “Artificial Sun” has been connected to an artificial Electrical Grid to test the distribution of the created energy. This chinese project is part of the ITER research initiative to create a working […]

China injects Nanobots INTO BRAINS – Curing Brain Cancer?

China has successfully imjected real nanobots into a persons bloodstream that then autonomously through the blood-brain barrier and cured different kinds of brain cancer in its subject. The way this is accomplished is really amazing and futuristic and will lead the way of curing more diseases in the future. But will China adhere to privacy […]

The Rise of China's Most Advanced Artificial Intelligence – Wu Dao 2.0

China’s goal of beating the USA in the race of creating the best and smartest artificial intelligence in the world has finally come to fruition with the Wu Dao 2.0 AI model. This new NLP AI is much superior to OpenAI’s GPT-3 model which was released last year. Some of the abilities the WU Dao […]

Netease Youdao: AI Leader in Online Education in China (TF Dev Summit '19)

A panoramic description of Netease Youdao on AI leadership in online education in China, which includes the product line and industrial AI capabilities, and Youdao on-device AI services with TensorFlow Lite. See the revamped dev site → https://www.tensorflow.org/ Watch all TensorFlow Dev Summit ’19 sessions → http://bit.ly/TFDS19Sessions Event homepage → http://bit.ly/TFDS19 Subscribe to the TensorFlow […]

Scroobly: Motion capture for character animation – Made with TensorFlow.js

On this episode of Made with TensorFlow.js we’re joined by Shan Huang from China, who’s built upon her previous Pose Animator project to make Scroobly, a fun app which brings doodles to life in real-time using your camera. Scroobly uses Facemesh and PoseNet to map your live motion and updates the animation as you move! […]

Cog X 2018 – The China Perspective | CogX

Join the CogX Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI and Breakthroughs Technology – June 8th to 10th 2020 – https://cogx.co/ Subscribe to our epic newsletters for free https://cognitionx.com/newsletter-subscribe/ Stay up to date on All Things AI. Hand-picked news, insights and updates on the most important stories of the day. Subscribe to news briefings: https://cognitionx.com/newsletter-subscribe/ […]

Machine Learning Engineer reacts to State of AI Report 2019

Machine learning engineer, Daniel Bourke, reviews the State of AI Report 2019 edition. The State of AI reports covers some of the most significant breakthroughs in artificial intelligence over the last year. Special thanks to Ian and Nathan for crafting such a well-made report. State of AI Report – https://www.stateof.ai Timestamps: 1. Research and technical […]

State of AI Report 2020 (review)

For the last three years, the State of AI Report has been published as a snapshot of what’s happened in the field of artificial intelligence over the past 12 months. This is my review/walkthrough of the 2020 version. A big shout out to Nathan and Ian for their huuuuuuge efforts putting this together! See the […]

CreaTech: The future of social media: Why it’s driven by China

CreaTech: The future of social media: Why it’s driven by China What’s the next big thing in social media? A question all brands want the answer for first. The easiest way to predict the future is to look to China. Its unparalleled, complex social media landscape has features and uses most Western platforms can only […]

The Future of Go Summit: AlphaGo Pair Go & Team Go

Watch AlphaGo team up with some of China’s top pro players to explore the hidden mysteries of the game in two exciting match formats: Pair Go: where one Chinese pro will play against another with their own AlphaGo teammate, alternating moves, to take the concept of ‘learning together’ quite literally. Team Go: where AlphaGo and […]