Dr Sabine Haeurt on the Impact of AI | CogX17 Highlights | CogX

Hi everyone, so I’m an optimist. I think robots and AI have the ability to improve the way we work, the way we live, and the way we explore new frontiers. And I think there’s many worthy applications. This whole notion of precision agriculture and our ability to use AI and robotics is going to […]

Lord Young on the State and Impact of AI | CogX17 Highlights | CogX

I’m not one of those that sees the glasses half full or half empty. It’s a health warning. I see it as overflowing. One working lifetime, the number of hours work of half. AI will make a real difference to the quality of the lives we lead. But it’s no good creating a society in […]

Six Degrees of Integration, Because the World is Separate Enough | CogX

GALFHAM Action Oh, okay. I’m ready now. Oh, man, that’s a lot to running. These nurses, they’re willing? No. No, they’re not enough. Because my mom’s great at running a business. There’s no one like better than us because we’re the best. A woman can be just as good at needing, say, a phone company […]