Healing the mental health crisis: The emerging potential of psychedelics

With 1 in 4 people experiencing mental health issues worldwide, we ask this incredible panel of health and tech luminaries, can we solve the mental health crisis with psychedelics? Featuring: Catherine Bird – Clinical Trials Manager – Psychedelic Trials Group, King’s College London Christian Angermayer – Co-founder & Chairman – Apeiron Investment Group Dr Ekaterina […]

Decarbonising cities pitching challenge | Climate

Decarbonising cities pitching competition – CogX and Shell are looking for start-ups with novel ideas on how digital technologies can provide a cleaner energy future for our cities. The three finalists are start-ups working on the next big idea that could revolutionise the way we decarbonise cities. See them pitch their solution to a jury […]

How to achieve rapid growth: Insights from Tech Nation’s scaleups

Join us at CogX to hear from the innovative UK scaleups about how they’ve navigated their way to success in different growth stages and about their experiences with Tech Nation growth programmes from Libra to Future Fifty. This will be an opportunity to learn about the challenges and opportunities of scaling up a tech company […]

Guardrails for procuring AI in the public and private sector

As AI systems become more integrated into service delivery it’s important to revisit our supply chain governance. How is AI procured? Who is responsible if the AI system makes a wrong or harmful decision? What guardrails must be put in place to protect the organisation and its customers? Join industry, governance, and academic experts to […]

Why we need a new generation of defence companies with NATO and Helsing | Cyber and Defence

How shifting geopolitical relationships, technology and global events mean we need a new generation of defence companies and what we need them to think more innovatively. Featuring: Torsten Reil – Co-founder & CEO – Helsing David van Weel – Assistant Secretary General – NATO Dr Stephanie Hare – Author of Technology Is Not Neutral ——————— […]

The business of entertainment: How tech is transforming the way we play

The way we experience art, gaming and media is changing radically and new ways of engaging and paying for art and artists are emerging at an incredible rate. Join us as we discuss everything from the ground-breaking Abba Voyage show to the mobile gaming revolution. Featuring: Alex Barkaloff – Founding Member, Strategic Marketing & Innovation […]

Alexandr Wang: How Scale AI became a $7.3 billion powerhouse | Startup to IPO

Featuring: Alexandr Wang – CEO and Founder – Scale AI ——————— CogX Platform A new curated social media platform for professionals. Making sure you’re as prepared as possible for the week ahead. To find out how CogX can help you radically improve your organisation’s productivity, email info@cogx.live today. CogX Festival 2023: Register Your Interest Today […]

Igniting the wallet revolution: Your passport into Web 3 universe

Blockchain infrastructure allows for reduced settlement times – and extremely smooth payments between different users without the use of centralized intermediaries. This means that there will not be any more unnecessary transaction costs for sending capital back home for international students – and democratized access to the same investment classes across the globe. Featuring: Tycho […]

Ripe for disruption: A decentralised future For finance

Blockchain technology gives rise to a better financial end-user experience – through reducing settlement times, extending operation hours, and making the process more transparent and trustworthy. In this panel, we discuss the “primitives” that need to be developed for the financial ecosystem to move on-chain. Featuring: Dmitry Tokarev – CEO – Copper.co Julien Bouteloup – […]

How to not get rugged or hacked: A life-saving lesson

Cryptocurrencies were invented to allow individuals to exchange value without the use of intermediaries – however, centralized intermediaries always brought in one primary advantage – transaction safety. This panel seeks to dissect the best practices involved in dealing with cryptocurrencies to prevent end-users from getting exploited. Featuring: Joshua Goldbard – Founder & CEO – MobileCoin […]

From DAOs to cloud nations: Debunking the world’s longest standing dogma

Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) are the necessary toolkits to begin developing an idea – and allow for its growth without the necessary continuation of its leadership – and thus, mimicking decentralized nations. DAOs will live on without their initial rulers – and grow to fulfil the needs of its people – this panel seeks to […]

Equipping digital artworks with the characteristics of real-world assets

ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards have ushered in a new era allowing digital art and digital assets to have the same ownership primitives as real-world assets — blurring the boundaries of digital collectibles and their real-world counterparts. This panel seeks to explore the development of the digital art landscape through NFTs as a cutting-edge tool […]

How to build the next killer decentralised application

Developer tooling is a space that has exponentially grown over the last decade – low-code platforms can now automate core software development features allowing developers and domain experts to build tailor-made solutions for every possible use case. This paradigm shift has allowed for a greater influx of developers into the Web 3 ecosystem – in […]

Stabilize the stablecoin: What works and what doesn’t?

Over the past month, we saw what happens that stablecoins are not necessarily as stable as they are often deemed. Due to the occurrence of this black-swan event that Leo terms the subprime collateral crisis – we will witness a shift in both stablecoin development and the regulatory/auditing infrastructure set up around it. This panel […]

Regulation: Crypto's sword of Damocles

In crypto, it is easy to see that rapid technological advancement has taken place – while the regulations governing that technology have historically been slow to catch up. However, to allow the technological infrastructure to continue to grow at an exponential pace – we need to make sure that the regulation and taxation infrastructure can […]

Highlights | From profit to planet: How analytics can help business decarbonise | Climate

Louise Herring hosts a panel exploring how businesses can best harness machine learning to achieve truly transformative decarbonisation and sustainability goals. Featuring: Louise Herring Partner – QuantumBlack, AI by McKinsey Ed Fowler – Chief Group Technology Officer – Natura & co Dr Brad Pietras – Business Development Director of AI and Machine Learning – R² […]

Highlights | Building next generation marketplace: An insider's view

The non-fungible token market exceeded $40B in value at its peak in 2021. The global physical art market stands at $65B in 2022. The two markets are currently competing with each other – but for the NFT markets to win the race – it is necessary for traders and collectors to have the necessary toolkits […]

Highlights | The age of shocks with Pippa Malmgren, Economist | Global Economy

From energy shocks to culture wars, geopolitical conflicts and economic crises, we ask this esteemed panel, how should we be responding to this succession of cascading crises and is the worse yet to come? Featuring: Angus Mercer – Chief Executive – Centre for Long-Term Resilience Melanie Garson – Cyber Policy Lead – Tony Blair Institute […]

The age of human therapeutic gene editing is here with Andrew Hessel | Health & Wellbeing

Whilst humanity remains on the cusp of significant biological changes courtesy of CRISPR, we ask what the implications of these genetic altering technologies will be? Featuring: Jane Metcalfe – CEO & Founder – NEO.LIFE Andrew Hessel – Co-founder and Chairman – Center of Excellence for Engineering Biology, Genome Project-write Kat Arney – Founder & Creative […]

Highlights | How to accelerate the energy transition across multiple sectors | Climate

How to accelerate the energy transition across multiple sectors – The energy transition is underway and accelerating, driven by public demand, policy, technology innovations, and economic forces. The greatest and fastest change will come from collaboration and broad coalitions of businesses, governments, and other parties, working sector by sector, to identify and then pursue decarbonisation […]

How to meet challenges in hard times with Gelong Thubten | Health & Wellbeing

Bad news all the time? Crisis after crisis? Author of the Sunday Times bestseller ‘A Monk’s Guide to Happiness’, Gelong Thubten, will guide us through a unique meditation and address how we can meet challenges in hard times. Featuring: Gelong Thubten – Buddhist Monk, Meditation Teacher and Author – Samye Dzong Scarborough ——————— CogX Platform […]