MIT AGI: Cognitive Architecture (Nate Derbinsky)

MIT AGI: Cognitive Architecture

So today we have Nate Derbinski. He’s a professor at Northeastern University working on various aspects of computational agents that exhibit human level intelligence. Please give Nate a warm welcome. Applause Thanks a lot and thanks for having me here. So the title that was on the page was cognitive modeling. I’ll kind of get […]
Machine Learning Discussion with Daphne Koller and Yoshua Bengio

Machine Learning Discussion with Daphne Koller and Yoshua Bengio •

First of all, let me introduce Daphne Koller. It’s really a great honor for me to introduce her today, for you. She’s, as many of you know, a machine learning star, but she’s also an incredible achiever. Recipient of numerous awards, nominated among the most important people, most influential people and game changers by the […]

#82 – Dr. JOSCHA BACH – Digital Physics, DL and Consciousness [UNPLUGGED]

Welcome back to Street Talk, just a little bit of housekeeping before we kick off today. Paulina Salivadove is one of the organizers for a charity AI conference called AI Helps Ukraine. Now, their main goal is to raise funds for Ukraine, both from the folks attending the conference and also from companies sponsoring the […]

FSDP Production Readiness

Hi, everyone, and welcome to the PyTorch conference. My name is Rohan, and today we’ll be discussing the fully-sharded data parallel package in PyTorch, and in particular some of the work we’ve been doing to ensure it’s ready for production quality training of large models. First, we’ll go over some motivation regarding why we need […]