Women in Machine Learning Symposium 2022 Keynote

Hello everyone, we are live from the second Women in Machine Learning Symposium. My name is Rwana Karashkada, I’m the developer relations lead for Machine Learning Communities at Google and I will be a host for today’s event. Thank you all for joining us today. The Women in Machine Learning Symposium is an inclusive event […]

SingularityNET: Inside SingularityNET | December 2022

Good morning, good evening, good night, good wherever you are around the world tuning in to December’s edition of Singularity Net Insiders. It’s wonderful to do this recording for you, it’s fantastic to generally get together and celebrate all our enormous achievements of 2022 with a little look forward to 2023. Thank you as always […]

Research: Was there life on Mars?

I guess, Your Honor, Professor Cindy, you’ve got there who has told me I can call him Cindy. So we’re here today to talk about was their life on Mars. For as long as humanity has been watching the skies, we’ve been fascinated with the possibility that other worlds, much like Earth, might contain living […]

Six Degrees of Integration, Because the World is Separate Enough | CogX

GALFHAM Action Oh, okay. I’m ready now. Oh, man, that’s a lot to running. These nurses, they’re willing? No. No, they’re not enough. Because my mom’s great at running a business. There’s no one like better than us because we’re the best. A woman can be just as good at needing, say, a phone company […]

#93 Prof. MURRAY SHANAHAN – Consciousness, Embodiment, Language Models

Murray Shanahan is a professor of cognitive robotics at Imperial College London and a senior research scientist at DeepMind. He graduated from Imperial College with a first in computer science in 1984 and obtained his PhD from King’s College in Cambridge in 1988. He’s since worked in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics and cognitive […]

Real-Time ML Workflows at Capital One with Disha Singla – 606

All right, what’s up everyone? Welcome to another episode of the Tumol AI podcast. I am your host, Sam Charrington. And today I’ve got the pleasure of being joined by Disha Singla. Disha is a senior director of machine learning engineering at Capital One. Before we dive into our conversation, be sure to take a […]