#77 – Vitaliy Chiley (Cerebras)

Vitaliy Chiley is a Machine Learning Research Engineer at the next-generation computing hardware company Cerebras Systems. We spoke about how DL workloads including sparse workloads can run faster on Cerebras hardware. Pod: https://anchor.fm/machinelearningstreettalk/episodes/77—Vitaliy-Chiley-Cerebras-e1k1hvu [00:00:00] Housekeeping [00:01:08] Preamble [00:01:50] Vitaliy Chiley Introduction [00:03:11] Cerebrus architecture [00:08:12] Memory management and FLOP utilisation [00:18:01] Centralised vs decentralised compute […]

#063 – Prof. YOSHUA BENGIO – GFlowNets, Consciousness & Causality

We are now sponsored by Weights and Biases! Please visit our sponsor link: http://wandb.me/MLST to get started creating a centralised, system of record for your team’s machine learning work. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mlst Discord: https://discord.gg/HNnAwSduud For Yoshua Bengio, GFlowNets are the most exciting thing on the horizon of Machine Learning today. He believes they can solve previously […]

Two Minute Papers: How Do Genetic Algorithms Work? #32 •

Genetic algorithms are in the class of evolutionary algorithms that build on the principle of “survival of the fittest”. By recombining the best solutions of a population and every now and then mutating them, one can solve remarkably difficult problems that would otherwise be hopelessly difficult to write programs for.

Cellular Automata and Digital Art

Very short video of my attempts at cellular automata and digitial art. The display of these automata was done in Javascript. My evolutionary algorithm that evolves rulesets is in Python/TensorFlow. Source of this machine learning/AI Video

The Evolution of Evolutionary AI with Risto Miikkulainen – #367

Today we’re joined by Risto Miikkulainen, Associate VP of Evolutionary AI at Cognizant AI, and Professor of Computer Science at the UT Austin. Risto joined us back on episode #47 to discuss evolutionary algorithms, and today we do an update of sorts on what is the latest we should know on the topic. In our […]

Risto Miikkulainen Interview – Evolutionary Algorithms in Machine Learning

My guest this week is Risto Miikkulainen, professor of computer science at UT-Austin and vice president of Research at Sentient Technologies. Risto came locked and loaded to discuss a topic that we’ve received a ton of requests for — evolutionary algorithms. During our talk we discuss some of the things Sentient is working on in […]

#038 – Professor Kenneth Stanley – Why Greatness Cannot Be Planned

Professor Kenneth Stanley is currently a research science manager at OpenAI in San Fransisco. We’ve Been dreaming about getting Kenneth on the show since the very begininning of Machine Learning Street Talk. Some of you might recall that our first ever show was on the enhanced POET paper, of course Kenneth had his hands all […]