A.I. Learns to Play Hill Climb Racing

A.I. Learns to Play Hill Climb Racing

Hey guys, how’s it going? Long time no see, I guess it has been a while. That’s my bad. Anyway, enough apologies. Let’s get into the video Over the past month I’ve been building a clone of the game Hillclimb racing. It turned out to be a pretty simple game I actually didn’t really have […]

AI Learns to play the Worlds Hardest Game – even more levels

Hey guys, you’re doing another one of these videos. Yes, I am. I do it because of the, uh… The challenge challenge, yeah that’s it. World’s Outest Game, it’s gotta be challenging right? No, but I’m working on a bigger video at the moment, but I still gotta play that YouTube algorithm game, gotta keep […]

Detecting Cancer with a RBF Network trained by a Genetic Algorithm

This presentation will present genetic algorithms. I will go over a genetic algorithm that I wrote in C-Sharp to predict benignness or malignancy of breast cancer tumors. This is a computer program that I wrote and entered in the third annual forecasting and futurism section of the Society of Actuaries contest. It was selected as […]

I created a PERFECT minesweeper AI

With all my AI creations, I’ve never actually claimed that any of the Moreny good never mind perfect. Most of the time they’re borderline useless, but this time is different because I actually believe that the AI I have created is the best mine sweeper player ever. Of course other AI’s might have been created […]