Machine Learning at GSK with Kim Branson – #356

Today we’re joined by Kim Branson, the SVP and global head of artificial intelligence and machine learning at GSK. We cover a lot of ground in our conversation, starting with a breakdown of GSK’s core pharmaceutical business, and how ML/AI fits into that equation, use cases that appear using genetics data as a data source, […]

Health & Wellbeing: Covid’s aftermath: Treating the undiagnosed

Health & Wellbeing: Covid’s aftermath: Treating the undiagnosed Despite heroic efforts from NHS staff, the pandemic has had an enormous impact on care given to non-Covid patients. In 2020, six million fewer treatment referrals were made by GPs. We welcome the leading minds in healthcare to look at the consequences for the patients left undiagnosed […]

F. Baumdicker: Learning from Trees: Modeling, Simulation and Inference of Microbial Genome Evolution

Franz Baumdicker is head of the Independent Research Group “Mathematical and Computational Population Genetics” and member of the Cluster of Excellence “Machine Learning for Science”. This talk was part of the colloquium of the Cluster of Excellence. Abstract: Population genetics aims to understand how the observed genetic diversity emerged. In population genetics, many theoretical results […]

You and AI Presented by Professor Brian Cox

Throughout 2018, we’ve brought you the world’s leading thinkers on artificial intelligence. Now we’re calling on you to pose your questions to our panel of experts, to find out what challenges and opportunities you think AI will present us with in the next decade. Will AI affect our jobs? What risks might AI pose to […]