YOU can try an AI chatbot as GOOD as LaMDA – Google’s “sentient” AI

Hello YouTube viewers, foreign, wide, welcome back to the Matt Video Productions channel. Now I am absolutely positive that you have heard of Google’s Alamda and the Google employee that was recently put on leave because he thought that it was sentient or alive. And I know you’ve seen many videos talking about it, but […]

Industry Usage

Thanks, Joe. I lead the Applied AI Group at Meta. We collaborate with leading companies across the industry for PyTorch adoption and integrations. I will share some of the key highlights from our work in 2022. From the latest LinkedIn talent report, we are seeing more than 44,000 professionals have tagged PyTorch as a skin […]

SingularityNET: Deep Funding | Community Governance – December 14, 2022

Yeah, all right. Great to see you all here. The purpose of the meeting is retrospective on community governance calls. I haven’t really studied the responses in detail. I just scanned them, so I will just put it on screen and then we can go through it, question by question together and we can read […]

NEW DALL-E 2 Prompt Strategies for Text to Image AI

Hello everyone, welcome back to the Matt Video Productions channel. I’m super excited for today’s video because I basically combined five video ideas into one video. So this is like a week’s worth of content in one video basically. Today We’re gonna be looking at five separate useful and interesting prompt strategies for text to […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0I: What to do if you're struggling

Hey everyone, welcome to recitation zero. I this is not technical recitation, but it’s pretty important if you’re taking a course like deep learning here in CMU and I’m up Rajat, I’ll be going over this recitation. So before moving on to what you can do if you’re struggling this course, you have to remember […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0G: Debugging and Visualisation (Part 1/3)

Hi everyone, my name is Qing. Welcome to Recipes 0G, debugging of Deep Neural Network. In this Recipes, we’ll first look at what are some common scenarios in writing Deep Neural Networks and then go through some general coding tips. After that, we’ll cover three types of common issues in writing Deep Learning codes. Coding […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0G: Debugging and Visualisation (Part 2/3)

Hi everyone, this is the part 2 of Recipes 0G, debugging of deep neural networks. In this video, we’ll go through 3 types of basic coding errors, syntax errors, logic errors, and runtime errors. After following tips in this section, you should be able to get your code running smoothly. Firstly, the most common beginner […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0C: Introduction to PyTorch

Welcome to the station 0C, Introduction to PyDodge. Today, we will explore the various facilities of this framework for training a new network. Prior knowledge of Python and object programming is the only prerequisite for this edition. If you need a refresher, please watch Paul’s station on Python and before this one. Python is one […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0A: Python & OOP Fundamentals (Part 1/2)

Hello guys, welcome to part one of the Python and O if on the mental’s Restition. I’m with you Paul and I’ll be taking you to the registration. Now this serves to give you an introduction to Python and associated concepts. Now I hope you can start editing working with the Python language. And please […]