AI for Ecology and Ecosystem Preservation with Bryan Carstens – #449

Today we’re joined by Bryan Carstens, a professor in the Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology & Head of the Tetrapod Division in the Museum of Biological Diversity at The Ohio State University. In our conversation with Bryan, who comes from a traditional biology background, we cover a ton of ground, including a foundational […]

[ML News] Google’s 540B PaLM Language Model & OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 Text-to-Image Revolution

#mlnews #palm #dalle2 Google releases PaLM and OpenAI releases DALL-E 2 (and more news). Sponsor: Weights & BIases Start here: https://wandb.me/yannic Thumbnail credit: DALL-E 2 via Sam Altman OUTLINE 0:00 – Street interview w/ random stranger 2:45 – Intro 3:10 – PaLM – Google’s 540B Pathways Language Model 8:10 – Sponsor: Weights & Biases 9:30 […]

How to customize Machine Learning models the simple way

Learn the easiest way to customize pretrained Machine Learning models to your own data. Speaker: Gus Martins Watch more: All Google I/O 2022 Sessions → https://goo.gle/IO22_AllSessions ML/AI at I/O 2022 playlist → https://goo.gle/IO22_ML-AI All Google I/O 2022 workshops → https://goo.gle/IO22_Workshops Subscribe to TensorFlow → https://goo.gle/TensorFlow #GoogleIO Source of this TensorFlow AI Video

Reacting to Causal Models in Practice at Lyft w/ Robert Osazuwa Ness

In this short conversation with friend of the show Robert Osazuwa Ness, we explore some of the themes that came up in our recent interview with Sean Taylor of Lyft Rideshare Labs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wbLy4SDuo4). As we prepare for the next iteration of Robert’s Causal Modeling in ML Workshop, we’ll be hosting a webinar on Thursday, May […]

AlphaZero Plays a Tal Move | Chess Has A Bright Future

Follow me on Instagram for extra content (Weekly Quiz starting soon) https://www.instagram.com/agadmator/ Alpha Zero wins protein folding competition https://deepmind.com/blog/alphafold/ Check out the Deepmind’s Academic Paper here https://deepmind.com/blog/alphazero-shedding-new-light-grand-games-chess-shogi-and-go/ Deepmind Homepage https://deepmind.com/ Google Deepmind AI AlphaZero vs Stockfish 8 King’s Indian Defense: Saemisch (E81) 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. […]

#032- Simon Kornblith / GoogleAI – SimCLR and Paper Haul!

This week Dr. Tim Scarfe, Sayak Paul and Yannic Kilcher speak with Dr. Simon Kornblith from Google Brain (Ph.D from MIT). Simon is trying to understand how neural nets do what they do. Simon was the second author on the seminal Google AI SimCLR paper. We also cover “Do Wide and Deep Networks learn the […]

Google DeepMind: Ground-breaking AlphaGo masters the game of Go

In a paper published in Nature on 28th January 2016, we describe a new approach to computer Go. This is the first time ever that a computer program “AlphaGo” has defeated a human professional player. The game of Go is widely viewed as an unsolved “grand challenge” for artificial intelligence. Games are a great testing […]

PyTorch Developer Day 2020 | Full Livestream

Join us for PyTorch Developer Day 2020, where we’ll look at technical talks, core updates, and project deep dives. The video will cover a variety of topics, including updates to the core framework and new tools and libraries to support development across a number of domains. You’ll also hear from the community on the latest […]

SimCLR implementations – Data Transforms

This is video no. 10 in a series walking through simCLR research paper, going over implementing the data transforms. William Falcon, PyTorch Lightning founder, and Ananya Harsh Ja, Lightning research engineer, deep dive into simCLR (“A Simple Framework for Contrastive Learning of Visual Representations”), self-supervised representation learning on images. Start here to get an overview […]

TensorFlow for JavaScript (Google I/O '18)

TensorFlow has been extended to simplify model training and deployment using the JavaScript language. This session will offer a detailed description of how to use JavaScript to train and deploy your models. Rate this session by signing-in on the I/O website here → https://goo.gl/nMzGS9 Watch more TensorFlow sessions from I/O ’18 here → https://goo.gl/GaAnBR See […]

Chris Shallue Interview – Discovering Exoplanets with Deep Learning

In this episode I speak with Chris Shallue, Senior Software Engineer on the Google Brain Team, about his project and paper on “Exploring Exoplanets with Deep Learning.” This is a great story. Chris, inspired by a book he was reading, reached out on a whim to a Harvard astrophysics researcher, kicking off a collaboration and […]

TensorFlow Fall 2020 updates: Keynote & what’s new since TF2.2

To support TensorFlow’s continuing growth and scale, we are excited to share the latest in TF2.x for Fall 2020. Join AI Advocate Laurence Moroney (@lmoroney) for product updates across the ecosystem from research, to production, to deployment, new resources to support Responsible AI, and community updates and tips on how to get more involved! From […]

Kiran Vajapey Interview – Collecting and Annotating Data for AI

In this episode, I’m joined by Kiran Vajapey, a human-computer interaction developer at Figure Eight. In this interview, Kiran shares some of what he’s has learned through his work developing applications for data collection and annotation at Figure Eight and earlier in his career. We explore techniques like data augmentation, domain adaptation, and active and […]

Trends in Natural Language Processing with Sameer Singh – #445

Today we continue the 2020 AI Rewind series, joined by friend of the show Sameer Singh, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at UC Irvine. We last spoke with Sameer at our Natural Language Processing office hours back at TWIMLfest, and was the perfect person to help us break down 2020 in […]

Behind the Scenes with Cozmo, the AI Powered Robot!

Sam spent some time with Anki’s Andrew Stein, and their adorable AI powered robot, Cozmo. This is only a preview of the Cozmo, be sure to check back at twimlai.com for the accompanying podcast. Sign up for our newsletter! ➙ https://twimlai.com/newsletter Subscribe! iTunes ➙ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/this-week-in-machine-learning/id1116303051?mt=2 Soundcloud ➙ https://soundcloud.com/twiml Google Play ➙ http://bit.ly/2lrWlJZ Stitcher ➙ http://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=92079&refid=stpr […]

Machine Learning as a Software Engineering Enterprise with Charles Isbell – #441

As we continue our NeurIPS 2020 series, we’re joined by friend-of-the-show Charles Isbell, Dean, John P. Imlay, Jr. Chair, and professor at the Georgia Tech College of Computing. This year Charles gave an Invited Talk at this year’s conference, You Can’t Escape Hyperparameters and Latent Variables: Machine Learning as a Software Engineering Enterprise. In our […]

Google's Quantum Computing Service (Quantum Summer Symposium 2020)

Erik Lucero and Dave Bacon share details about Google’s quantum computing service. This presentation was recorded on Day 1 of Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium 2020 (July 22, 2020). Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium 2020 playlist → https://goo.gle/2Z149sN Subscribe to TensorFlow → https://goo.gle/TensorFlow Source of this TensorFlow AI Video

Efficient serving with ScaNN for retrieval (Building recommendation systems with TensorFlow)

In our earlier videos, we showed you how to use the brute force approach in your retrieval system. In this video, we are going to use a more efficient method – Approximate Nearest Neighbours (ANN) and introduce you to the Google ScaNN library. Efficient serving with ScaNN →https://goo.gle/3s6kE4f ScaNN repository → https://goo.gle/3w5d6iH Google AI blog […]

Training Models in the Cloud & the Benefits of AI Toolkits #AskTensorFlow

In this episode of #AskTensorFlow, Developer Advocates Laurence Moroney and Magnus Hyttsten answer questions about nightly builds, installing TensorFlow with pip, training TensorFlow models in the cloud, and the benefits of using AI toolkits from the Google Cloud Platform. Ask us your questions related to TensorFlow by posting them on social media with #AskTensorFlow! Stay […]

Applications of Deep Neural Networks Class Session 11

The 11th class gives an overview of LSTM for NLP and speech recognition. Google speech recognition is introduced. Examples for TensorFlow. Jupyter notebooks, data files, and other information can be found at: https://sites.wustl.edu/jeffheaton/t81-558/ Source of this machine learning/AI Video

Quantum Circuit "Kinetics" (Quantum Summer Symposium 2020)

Kostya Kechedzhi presents an experiment on quantum circuit “kinetics” using the Sycamore processor. This presentation was recorded on Day 1 of Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium 2020 (July 22, 2020). Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium 2020 playlist → https://goo.gle/2Z149sN Subscribe to TensorFlow → https://goo.gle/TensorFlow Source of this TensorFlow AI Video

Two Minute Papers: How Does Deep Learning Work? #24 •

Artificial neural networks provide us incredibly powerful tools in machine learning that are useful for a variety of tasks ranging from image classification to voice translation. So what is all the deep learning rage about? The media seems to be all over the newest neural network research of the DeepMind company that was recently acquired […]

House Hunters: Machine Learning at Redfin with Akshat Kaul – #530

Today we’re joined by Akshat Kaul, the head of data science and machine learning at Redfin. We’re all familiar with Redfin, but did you know that redfin.com is the largest real estate brokerage site in the US? In our conversation with Akshat, we discuss the history of ML at Redfin and a few of the […]