Computerphile: Deep Learning

Computerphile: Deep Learning

Google, Facebook & Amazon all use deep learning methods, but how does it work? Research fellow & Deep Learning expert Brais Martinez explains.

Is Facebook Really out of the Facial Recognition Game?

While recording an interview on the ethics of facial recognition with Luke Stark, an assistant professor at Western University in Ontario, we caught wind of the breaking news that Facebook would be shutting down its facial recognition system and deleting the face scan data of more than one billion users. Check back Monday, 11/8, for […]

Hypergraphs, Simplicial Complexes and Graph Representations of Complex Systems – #547

https://Today we continue our NeurIPS coverage joined by Tina Eliassi-Rad, a professor at Northeastern University, and an invited speaker at the I Still Can’t Believe It’s Not Better! Workshop. In our conversation with Tina, we explore her research at the intersection of network science, complex networks, and machine learning, how graphs are used in her […]

[ML News] Uber: Deep Learning for ETA | MuZero Video Compression | Block-NeRF | EfficientNet-X

#mlnews #muzero #nerf Your regularly irregular updates on everything new in the ML world! Merch: OUTLINE: 0:00 – Intro 0:15 – Sponsor: Weights & Biases 2:15 – Uber switches from XGBoost to Deep Learning for ETA prediction 5:45 – MuZero advances video compression 10:10 – Learned Soft Prompts can steer large language models 12:45 […]

Match 2: 90 Second Summary – Google DeepMind Challenge Match

Summary by Michael Redmond, 9-dan professional, and Chris Garlock on today’s historic second match between DeepMind’s program AlphaGo take on the legendary Lee Sedol (9-dan pro), the top Go player of the past decade, in a $1M 5-game challenge match in Seoul. In October 2015, AlphaGo became the first computer program ever to beat a […]

SingularityNET: Ambassador Program Town Hall Meeting 2 | 17th of May 2022

This is a recording of the second meeting of the SingularityNET Community Ambassador Program. Feedback form: Slides: Meeting notes: First meeting: If you are interested to help out, reach out or join on discord: Video shorts can be submitted through WeTransfer, to This Friday at 18UTC there will be […]

The Age of A.I. | Official Trailer

We are at the dawn of a new age and the implications of AI technology for humans are almost unimaginable. Welcome to The Age of AI. Robert Downey Jr. hosts a brand new YouTube Originals series – The Age of AI. Discover the most innovative and leading technologies that will change the world forever. Technology […]

MIT 6.S191 (2018): Introduction to Deep Learning

MIT Introduction to Deep Learning 6.S191: Lecture 1 Foundations of Deep Learning Lecturer: Alexander Amini January 2018 Lecture 1 – Introduction to Deep Learning: Lecture 2 – Deep Sequence Modeling: Lecture 3 – Deep Computer Vision: Lecture 4 – Deep Generative Models: Lecture 5 – Deep Reinforcement Learning: Lecture 6 […]

ML News: MMO Game destroys GPUs • OpenAI quits Robotics • Today with guest host Sanyam Bhutani

#chai #mlnews #nvidia Follow Saynam here: YouTube: Twitter: Apple Podcasts: LinkedIn: Spotify: RSS: Outline: 0:00 – Intro & Overview 1:30 – Amazon’s MMO may destroy gaming GPUs 2:40 – OpenAI pivots away from Robotics 3:35 – Google parent Alphabet launches Intrinsic 4:55 – AI learns how vegetables taste […]

Match 4 15 Minute Summary – Google DeepMind Challenge Match 2016

15 Minute Summary by Michael Redmond 9 dan professional and Chris Garlock on today’s amazing fourth match between DeepMind’s program AlphaGo take on the legendary Lee Sedol (9-dan pro), the top Go player of the past decade, in a $1M 5-game challenge match in Seoul. In October 2015, AlphaGo became the first computer program ever […]

Deep Learning for Remote Sensing Applications @ TWiML Online Meetup EMEA 3 January 2019 1080p

**SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS** **** This video is a recap of our January 2019 EMEA TWiML Online Meetup. In this month’s community segment, we discuss the upcoming EMEA meetup, hosting a TWiML Online Meetup, and merge of the Deep Learning and Machine Learning Study Groups. In our presentation segment, Christian Werner leads a […]

SimCLR – Global batch-normalization

This is video no. 7 in a series walking through simCLR research paper, going over global batch norm. William Falcon, PyTorch Lightning founder, and Ananya Harsh Ja, Lightning research engineer, deep dive into simCLR (“A Simple Framework for Contrastive Learning of Visual Representations”), self-supervised representation learning on images. Start here to get an overview of […]

Cutting Edge TensorFlow: New Techniques (Google I/O'19)

There’s lots of great new things available in TensorFlow since last year’s IO. This session will take you through 4 of the hottest from Hyperparameter Tuning with Keras Tuner to Probabilistic Programming to being able to rank your data with learned ranking techniques and TF-Ranking. Finally, you will look at TF-Graphics that brings 3D functionalities […]

Intro to On-device Machine Learning (TF Fall 2020 Updates)

In this session, Developer Advocate Khanh LeViet (@khanhlvg) talks about TensorFlow Lite, the framework that brings ML to mobile and embedded systems. You’ll learn about the differences between ML on a supercomputer and ML on a portable device, and the tools and technologies that Google has developed to allow you to bring your work to […]

Recitation 0D: Introduction to Google Colab by Haoxuan Zhu

Recitation 0D: Introduction to Google Colab by Haoxuan Zhu For Spring 2021 IDL students: [Mandatory] Please fill out this form after signing up a Kaggle account: [Mandatory] The toy example should be finished before HW1 Handout: Notebook: Timestamps 03:08 how to get a GPU 04:55 how to mount Google Drive 10:40 how […]

Learning Active Learning from Data – Meetup #13 – October 2018

**SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS** **** This video is a recap of our October 2018 Americas TWiML Online Meetup. In this month’s community segment we briefly discuss Entity Embeddings, the topic of the next month’s meetup, along with the recent announcement that MIT made a $1 billion commitment to address the global opportunities and challenges […]

Introduction to Quantum Chess (Quantum Summer Symposium 2020)

Megan Potoski, Chris Cantwell, and Doug Strain introduce Quantum Chess as a fun tool for quantum education. This presentation was recorded on Day 1 of Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium 2020 (July 22, 2020). Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium 2020 playlist → Subscribe to TensorFlow → Source of this TensorFlow AI Video

Rebuilding the Brain from AI “Legos” – Interview with Kanaka Rajan – 524

Today we’re joined by Kanaka Rajan, an assistant professor at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai. Kanaka, who is a recent recipient of the NSF Career Award, bridges the gap between the worlds of biology and artificial intelligence with her work in computer science. In our conversation, we explore how she builds “lego […]

Probabilistic Numeric CNNs with Roberto Bondesan – #482

Today we kick off our ICLR 2021 coverage joined by Roberto Bondesan, an AI Researcher at Qualcomm. In our conversation with Roberto, we explore his paper Probabilistic Numeric Convolutional Neural Networks, which represents features as Gaussian processes, providing a probabilistic description of discretization error. We discuss some of the other work the team at Qualcomm […]

Buy AND Build for Production Machine Learning with Nir Bar-Lev – #488

Today we’re joined by Nir Bar-Lev, co-founder and CEO of ClearML. In our conversation with Nir, we explore how his view of the wide vs deep machine learning platforms paradox has changed and evolved over time, how companies should think about building vs buying and integration, and his thoughts on why experiment management has become […]

Building trusted AI products | Workshop

AI unlocks exciting new product opportunities. As a predictive technology,it also brings new challenges for building trusted experiences. In this Workshop, you get insights from the People + AI Research team for building trustworthy, user-centered AI products, walk through a series of exercises on opportunities in the AI development process for improving and calibrating user […]

TWiML x CS224n Study Group – Lesson 4

This is a recording of the CS224n Study Group on Assignment 1, presented by Avinash Kappa. Subscribe! iTunes ➙ Soundcloud ➙ Google Play ➙ Stitcher ➙ RSS ➙ Lets Connect! ➙ Twitter ➙ Facebook ➙ Instagram ➙ Medium ➙ YouTube Source for this AI […]