The Weird & Lying Minds of Artificial Intelligence (WebGPT)

Humans not understanding how an Artificial Intelligence works or thinks is becoming more dangerous as AI becomes smarter and more powerful. Models such as GPT-3 are known for completely making up statements and directly lying to the person asking it a question. This can lead to many AI Dangers. OpenAI’s new model called WebGPT is […]

China’s Scary New AI Beats Human Intelligence and the USA •

The biggest tech company in China, Jack Ma’s Alibaba has just released the biggest, most efficient and newest Artificial Intelligence Model in the world. It’s almost 100 times smarter than GPT 3 and is even expected to surpass OpenAI’s yet to be released GPT 4 in both abilities and ease of use. The Alibaba M6 […]

This Movie was Written By AI – Bots Writing Movie Scripts

Artificial Intelligence is starting to surpass humans even in creative works now. A robot has written and directed the first feature movie that was actually released for the public to see. In fact, it’s a lot better than many movies that real humans have made so far. While still surreal and a bit funny in […]

The First Artificial Intelligence to Beat Humans at Everything!

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly improving and has recently gotten to a point where it can outperform humans in several highly competetive job markets including the media. OpenAI and Intel are working on the most advanced AI Algorithms that are actually starting to understand the world similar to the way we experience it. They call these […]

Will GPT-4 Surpass The Human Brain? – Cerebras CS-2 Artificial Intelligence Chip

With the release of the most power Artificial Intelligence Accelerator Chip, future AI models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 will be able to surpass the Human Brain by supporting more than 100 Trillion Parameters. This new Chip made by Cerebras Systems is also be biggest Chip ever made by a longshot and thus can support ExaFlop Supercomputers […]