Robbie Stamp on the Impact of AI | CogX17 Highlights | CogX

Join the CogX Global Leadership Summit and Festival of AI and Breakthroughs Technology – June 8th to 10th 2020 – https://cogx.co/ Subscribe to our epic newsletters for free https://cognitionx.com/newsletter-subscribe/ Robbie Stamp, Chief Executive of Bioss International, gives a lighthearted and thoughtful take on the future of Artificial Intelligence. His presentation includes reference to his previous […]

PyTorch Developer Conference 2018: Keynote & Deep Dive

Watch Jérôme Pesenti, VP of Artificial Intelligence at Facebook open the Keynote at the first-ever PyTorch Developer Conference. And, deep dive into PyTorch 1.0 with members of the core dev team including Soumith Chintala, Dmytro Dzhulgakov, Zach DeVito, Peter Goldsborough, and Teng Li. Learn more at pytorch.org Source of this PyTorch AI Video

CoRL Keynote 3 – David Hsu

Integrating Planning and Learning for Scalable Robot Decision Making David Hsu (National University of Singapore) More information: https://www.robot-learning.org/program/keynotes YouTube Source for this Robot AI Video

Keynote by Neil Lawrence: Machine Learning and the Physical World

Keynote lecture given at the conference “Machine Learning in Science 2021”. The conference was organized by the Cluster of Excellence “Machine Learning: New Perspectives for Science”, University of Tübingen, Germany. (Photo credit of thumbnail picture: private) Source of this “Tübingen Machine Learning” AI Video

Day 2 Keynote (TF World '19)

O’Reilly and TensorFlow are teaming up to present the first TensorFlow World. It brings together the growing TensorFlow community to learn from each other and explore new ideas, techniques, and approaches in deep and machine learning. 0:01 – TFX: An end-to-end ML platform for everyone by Konstantinos Katsiapis & Anusha Ramesh 12:28 – Personalization of […]

#TWIMLfest: Live Keynote Interview with Shakir Mohamed – #418

In this special #TWIMLfest edition of the podcast, we’re joined by Shakir Mohamed, a Senior Research Scientist at DeepMind. Shakir is also a leader of Deep Learning Indaba, a non-profit organization whose mission is to Strengthen African Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. In our conversation with Shakir, we discuss his recent paper ‘Decolonial AI,’ the […]

SingularityNET: Introducing SingularityDAO – Ben Goertzel D.OS 2020 Keynote

Watch as Dr Ben Goertzel the CEO of SingularityNET announce singularitydao.ai a new initiative which brings DeFi and decentralized AI together in a new framework aimed at radically increasing the liquidity available to crypto assets of all types and sizes and leveraging this liquidity to create financial value and facilitate growth for utility-token-based technology projects. […]

Jeff Dean discusses the future of machine learning at TF World ‘19 (TensorFlow Meets)

AI Advocate Laurence Moroney sits down with Google Senior Fellow, Jeff Dean following his keynote presentation at TensorFlow World. They discuss how advances in computer vision and language understanding are expanding what’s possible with machine learning, as well as Jeff’s ideas about the future of ML. Watch Jeff Dean’s keynote address at TF World → […]

The Case for Hardware-ML Model Co-design with Diana Marculescu – #391

Today we’re joined by Diana Marculescu, Department Chair and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Texas at Austin. We caught up with Diana to discuss her work on hardware-aware machine learning. In particular, we explore her keynote, “Putting the “Machine” Back in Machine Learning: The Case for Hardware-ML Model Co-design” from the […]

SingularityNET: SingularityDAO CEO Marcello Mari Keynote | AIBC Dubai 2021

SingularityDAO is a decentralized platform, governed by the SDAO token, tasked with governing DynaSets. DynaSets are diversified baskets of cryptocurrency assets dynamically managed by AI and curated by the protocol. SingularityDAO brings the financial sophistication of AI-managed funds to DeFi, deploying SingularityNET’s AI technology to navigate complex markets. Website: https://singularitydao.ai Forum: https://forum.singularitydao.ai Telegram: https://t.me/SingularityDAO Twitter: […]

What's new in Machine Learning | Keynote

Learn about the latest and greatest in machine learning (ML) from Google! We cover what’s available to developers when it comes to creating, understanding, and deploying models for a variety of different applications. From Responsible AI to TensorFlow 2.5, mobile devices, microcontrollers, and beyond. We cover new releases and tools, and you hear about the […]

LIVE FROM TWIMLCON! Encoding Company Culture in Applied AI Systems – #305

In this episode, Sam is joined by Deepak Agarwal, VP of Engineering at LinkedIn, who graced the stage at TWIMLcon: AI Platforms for a keynote interview. In this episode Deepak shares: The incredible impact that standardizing processes and tools have on a company’s culture and overall productivity levels Insight into the best way to increase […]

AI makes you an artist + Tesla's self-driving car updates | Machine Learning Monthly August 2021

Machine learning monthly covers the latest and greatest (but not always the latest) of the machine learning field. Every month, get the best resources delivered beautifully to your inbox. ML Monthly August 2021 – https://zerotomastery.io/blog/machine-learning-monthly-august-2021/ Links: Learn ML (beginner-friendly course) – https://dbourke.link/mlcourse Learn Deep Learning + TensorFlow (code-first) – https://dbourke.link/tfcourse Read TensorFlow Book (free) – […]

CoRL 2020 Keynote 2 – Dorsa Sadigh

Walking the Boundary of Learning and Interaction Dorsa Sadigh (Stanford) More information: https://www.robot-learning.org/program/keynotes YouTube Source for this Robot AI Video

Deepmind AlphaZero – Mastering Games Without Human Knowledge

2017 NIPS Keynote by DeepMind’s David Silver. Dr. David Silver leads the reinforcement learning research group at DeepMind and is lead researcher on AlphaGo. He graduated from Cambridge University in 1997 with the Addison-Wesley award. Recorded: December 6th, 2017 YouTube Source for this AI Video

Data-centric AI: Real World Approaches

How to participate in Q&A: Join our community on Discourse to post questions to our speakers and discuss with others on Data-centric AI. – If you are new to our Discourse community, click here https://bit.ly/discourse-data-centric-ai – If you have already created an account on our Discourse community, go to https://community.deeplearning.ai/c/random-discussions/data-centric-ai/67 (You can also find the […]

Megan Kacholia interview (TensorFlow Meets)

AI Advocate Laurence Moroney sits down with the Vice President of Engineering at Google, Megan Kacholia following her keynote presentation at TensorFlow World. They discuss how TensorFlow 2.0 is powering ML research, performance improvements in TF 2.0, as well as the new preview release for TensorBoard.dev. Links: TensorBoard.dev preview → https://goo.gle/2qwvFAv Hugging Face: State of […]

Engage with the Machine Learning community | Keynote

Are you an ML newcomer? Explore how to get involved with our community, from contribution to education resources. Speaker: Jeanine Banks (VP, Product Management, 3P Core Developer Platforms) Watch all Google’s Machine Learning Virtual Community Day sessions → https://goo.gle/mlcommunityday-all Subscribe to the TensorFlow channel → https://goo.gle/TensorFlow #MLCommunityDay product: TensorFlow – General; event: ML Community Day […]

GANs for Good- A Virtual Expert Panel by DeepLearning.AI

Welcome to GANs for Good- a virtual expert panel hosted by DeepLearning.AI! To celebrate the launch of GANs Specialization, we’ve assembled a panel of GANs experts. They will discuss some of their current projects and the importance and future of GANs and also provide practical career advice for ML practitioners. Agenda: PDT (*subject to change) […]

Day 2 opening keynote by Paul Dabbar (Quantum Summer Symposium 2020)

Paul Dabbar, U.S. Department of Energy Under Secretary for Science, delivers the opening address on the second day of Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium 2020. This video was recorded on July 23, 2020 (July 23, 2020). Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium 2020 playlist → https://goo.gle/2Z149sN Subscribe to TensorFlow → https://goo.gle/TensorFlow Source of this TensorFlow AI Video