GANs for Good- A Virtual Expert Panel by DeepLearning.AI

Welcome to GANs for Good- a virtual expert panel hosted by DeepLearning.AI! To celebrate the launch of GANs Specialization, we’ve assembled a panel of GANs experts. They will discuss some of their current projects and the importance and future of GANs and also provide practical career advice for ML practitioners. Agenda: PDT (*subject to change) […]

Megan Kacholia interview (TensorFlow Meets)

AI Advocate Laurence Moroney sits down with the Vice President of Engineering at Google, Megan Kacholia following her keynote presentation at TensorFlow World. They discuss how TensorFlow 2.0 is powering ML research, performance improvements in TF 2.0, as well as the new preview release for TensorBoard.dev. Links: TensorBoard.dev preview → https://goo.gle/2qwvFAv Hugging Face: State of […]

Engage with the Machine Learning community | Keynote

Are you an ML newcomer? Explore how to get involved with our community, from contribution to education resources. Speaker: Jeanine Banks (VP, Product Management, 3P Core Developer Platforms) Watch all Google’s Machine Learning Virtual Community Day sessions → https://goo.gle/mlcommunityday-all Subscribe to the TensorFlow channel → https://goo.gle/TensorFlow #MLCommunityDay product: TensorFlow – General; event: ML Community Day […]

Watch GTC 21 Get Free Deep Learning Courses

Tune in to watch the GTC 21 keynote speech (April 12, 830 am PST) and get a chance at winning a free course taught by the instructors at NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute. All you have to do is come back to this video and drop a comment with your favorite moment from the speech. I’ll […]

Day 2 opening keynote by Paul Dabbar (Quantum Summer Symposium 2020)

Paul Dabbar, U.S. Department of Energy Under Secretary for Science, delivers the opening address on the second day of Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium 2020. This video was recorded on July 23, 2020 (July 23, 2020). Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium 2020 playlist → https://goo.gle/2Z149sN Subscribe to TensorFlow → https://goo.gle/TensorFlow Source of this TensorFlow AI Video

Alan Kay at OOPSLA 1997 – The computer revolution hasnt happened yet

Alan Kay’s seminal 1997 OOPSLA keynote. Originally hosted on Google Video, copies of it are now only available from the squeak.org website as far as I can find. Putting it on youtube is my attempt to preserve a really important talk and computer science and computing in general. YouTube Source for this AI Video

Machine Learning and Epidemiology with Elaine Nsoesie – #396

Today we continue our ICML series with Elaine Nsoesie, assistant professor at Boston University.  Elaine presented a keynote talk at the ML for Global Health workshop at ICML 2020, where she shared her research centered around data-driven epidemiology. In our conversation, we discuss the different ways that machine learning applications can be used to address […]

CoRL 2020 Keynote 1: Antonio Bicchi

From Human-Robot Interaction to Human-Robot Integration https://www.robot-learning.org/program/keynotes YouTube Source for this Robot AI Video

#TWIMLfest: Live Keynote Interview with Jeremy Howard – #421

Join Sam and friend of the show Jeremy Howard, creator of the popular fast.ai coursework, for a Keynote Interview! Sam and Jeremy explore topics such as the importance of building a strong community as a foundation, the current landscape and future of AI education, and of course, the recently released fast.ai course: Practical Deep Learning […]

Day 1 opening keynote by Hartmut Neven (Quantum Summer Symposium 2020)

Hartmut Neven gives the opening keynote with updates from Google AI Quantum. This presentation was recorded on Day 1 of Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium 2020 (July 22, 2020). Google’s Quantum Summer Symposium 2020 playlist → https://goo.gle/2Z149sN Subscribe to TensorFlow → https://goo.gle/TensorFlow Source of this TensorFlow AI Video

State-of-the-art Machine Learning research with Google tools | Keynote

Explore how the Google ML ecosystem tools are used for state-of-the-art research. Speaker: Laurence Moroney (AI Advocate) Watch all Google’s Machine Learning Virtual Community Day sessions → https://goo.gle/mlcommunityday-all Subscribe to the TensorFlow channel → https://goo.gle/TensorFlow #MLCommunityDay product: TensorFlow – General; event: ML Community Day 2021; fullname: Laurence Moroney; re_ty: Publish; Source of this TensorFlow AI […]

Jeff Dean, Head of AI at Google discusses the impact of ML (TensorFlow Meets)

In this episode of TensorFlow Meets, Laurence Moroney sits down with Jeff Dean, a Google Senior Fellow working in the area of Machine Intelligence Engineering. Laurence taps into Jeff’s insights about machine learning (ML) and how it’s impacting many different engineering domains and scientific domains in general. Jeff Dean and his team have conducted research […]

Computer Vision for Remote AR with Flora Tasse – #390 (Video)

Today we conclude our CVPR coverage joined by Flora Tasse, Head of Computer Vision & AI Research at Streem. Flora, a keynote speaker at the AR/VR workshop at CVPR, walks us through some of the interesting use cases at the intersection of AI, computer vision, and augmented reality technology. In our conversation, we discuss how […]

TensorFlow Dev Summit 2019 Keynote

Join the TensorFlow team as they kick off #TFDevSummit 2019! Learn about TensorFlow’s 2019 roadmap and what’s new for Google’s open source #MachineLearning platform. See the revamped dev site → https://www.tensorflow.org/ Watch all TensorFlow Dev Summit ’19 sessions → http://bit.ly/TFDS19Sessions Learn more on the event homepage → http://bit.ly/TFDS19 Subscribe to the TensorFlow YouTube channel! → […]

#TWIMLfest: Live Keynote Interview with Suzana Ilić

In this special #TWIMLfest episode, we’re joined by Suzana Ilić, a computational linguist at Causaly and founder of Machine Learning Tokyo (MLT). Suzana joined us as a keynote speaker to discuss the origins of the MLT community, but we cover a lot of ground in this conversation. We briefly discuss Suzana’s work at Causaly, touching […]

SingularityNET: Awakening Health – Dr. David Hanson and Sophia the Robot's Keynote at D.OS 2020

The combination of humanlike robotics with the latest healthcare assistant tech and a powerful suite of AI tools empowers Awakening to deliver services at an unprecedented low cost, disrupting markets and helping patients worldwide. With social robots that engage people in naturalistic face-to-face interactions, Awakening cures the pains of the medical system. This is done […]

PyTorch Developer Conference Keynote – Mike Schroepfer

PyTorch has become a popular open source machine learning framework for cutting edge research, and is increasingly being used in production. Watch Mike Schroepfer, Chief Technology Officer at Facebook, open the keynote at the second annual PyTorch Developer Conference. Source of this PyTorch AI Video

Deep Unsupervised Learning for Climate Informatics with Claire Monteleoni – #497

Today we continue our CVPR 2021 coverage joined by Claire Monteleoni, an associate professor at the University of Colorado Boulder.  We cover quite a bit of ground in our conversation with Claire, including her journey down the path from environmental activist to one of the leading climate informatics researchers in the world. We explore her […]

SingularityNET: COVID-19 Simulation Summit

An Online Meeting of the Minds Among Top Global Scientists! The COVID-19 Simulation Summit is an online event focused on the use of agent-based simulation models for more effective simulation of COVID-19 spread and evaluation of COVID-19 policies. The event will consist of live video talks, Q&A sessions, and panel discussions. The event will gather […]

ICLR 2020: Yann LeCun and Energy-Based Models

This week Connor Shorten, Yannic Kilcher and Tim Scarfe reacted to Yann LeCun’s keynote speech at this year’s ICLR conference which just passed. ICLR is the number two ML conference and was completely open this year, with all the sessions publicly accessible via the internet. Yann spent most of his talk speaking about self-supervised learning, […]

Artificial Intelligence in Business Keynote at The University of Queensland

Athon and I went and presented a talk about how Max Kelsen have applied machine learning and artificial intelligence to real-world problems to a group of travelling Chinese Academics at The University of Queensland. Slides for the talk – http://bit.ly/AITalkAtUQSlides Athon on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/athon-millane/ CONNECT: Web – http://bit.ly/mrdbourkeweb Quora – http://bit.ly/mrdbourkequora Medium – http://bit.ly/mrdbourkemedium […]

SingularityNET: SingularityNET & Spinoffs At AIBC 2021 | Dr. Ben Goertzel Keynote

Dr. Ben Goertzel discusses what’s next for SingularityNET and its spinoffs including SingularityDAO, Awakening Health, True AGI, and more. Also, with the improved scalability and architecture of Cardano, he discusses the cross blockchain compatibility between both Ethereum and Cardano. SingularityNET is a decentralized marketplace for artificial intelligence. We aim to create the world’s global brain […]