Numerics of ML 6 — Solving Ordinary Differential Equations — Nathanael Bosch

Hi everyone. I think we can start. So, yeah, welcome to today’s lecture in the Marit’s of Machine Learning. We’re in lecture six. My name is Nathaniel. I’m also a PhD student with Philip and I prepared this lecture with Jonathan together from that lecture. We’re in lecture six but we’re also in the second […]

Numerics of ML 7 – Probabilistic Numerical ODE Solvers – Nathanael Bosch

Welcome everyone to lecture number seven in the Marrix of Machine Learning. So it’s lecture number seven but it’s also lecture number three on the block of simulation. So this is the third one in that row. It started two weeks ago with Jonathan that told us about state space models and he introduced the […]

Numerics of ML 8 – Partial Differential Equations – Marvin Pförtner

Hi guys, hello again. Today’s the last of the simulation lectures we’ll do and we’ll talk about partial differential equations and also Gaussian process inference, again, surprise, surprise. So first of all, a bit of an outlook of what we’re going to talk about today. So first of all, I’ll clarify what a PDE actually […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0I: What to do if you're struggling

Hey everyone, welcome to recitation zero. I this is not technical recitation, but it’s pretty important if you’re taking a course like deep learning here in CMU and I’m up Rajat, I’ll be going over this recitation. So before moving on to what you can do if you’re struggling this course, you have to remember […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0F: AWS Fundamentals (Part 1/4)

Hello everybody. Welcome to the AWS fundamental to the station. My name is Arjun and me and Ruyemang are going to be talking about AWS. This registration is broken down over four parts. In the first part, we talk about AWS basics. We talk about regions, budgets, credits and the limits. Then we talk about […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0C: Introduction to PyTorch

Welcome to the station 0C, Introduction to PyDodge. Today, we will explore the various facilities of this framework for training a new network. Prior knowledge of Python and object programming is the only prerequisite for this edition. If you need a refresher, please watch Paul’s station on Python and before this one. Python is one […]

TorchRL: The Reinforcement Learning and Control library for PyTorch

Hello everyone, my name is Vincent and I’m developer for Torcharel, the reinforcement learning and control library for PyTorch. So when we started this effort of developing Torcharel, we had a look at the existing ecosystem of our libraries that are using PyTorch. And what we realized is that some of them were heavily focused […]