11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0G: Debugging and Visualisation (Part 2/3)

Hi everyone, this is the part 2 of Recipes 0G, debugging of deep neural networks. In this video, we’ll go through 3 types of basic coding errors, syntax errors, logic errors, and runtime errors. After following tips in this section, you should be able to get your code running smoothly. Firstly, the most common beginner […]

Scaling inference on CPUs with TorchServe

Hi everyone, I’m Manjin and I’m an AI Frameworks Engineer at Intel. In this session, I will talk about scaling inference on CPUs with TorchServe. There are five main topics for today’s agenda. First, I will give an overview on TorchServe. Second, on CPU performance tuning principles for getting a strong out-of-box CPU performance. Third, […]