Hierarchical and Continual RL with Doina Precup – #567

Today we’re joined by Doina Precup, a research team lead at DeepMind Montreal, and a professor at McGill University. In our conversation with Doina, we discuss her recent research interests, including her work in hierarchical reinforcement learning, with the goal being agents learning abstract representations, especially over time. We also explore her work on reward […]

Sensory Prediction Error Signals in the Neocortex with Blake Richards – #331

Today we continue our 2019 NeurIPS coverage, this time around joined by Blake Richards, Assistant Professor at McGill University and a Core Faculty Member at Mila. In our conversation, we discuss: His invited talk at the Neuro-AI Workshop “Sensory Prediction Error Signals in the Neocortex.” His recent studies on two-photon calcium imaging, predictive coding, and […]

Prof. Yoshua Bengio – Deep learning & Backprop in the Brain

Yoshua Bengio is a Canadian computer scientist, most noted for his work on artificial neural networks and deep learning. Bengio received his Bachelor of Science, Master of Engineering and PhD from McGill University. Recorded: September 8, 2017 YouTube Source for this AI Video