Federated Multilingual Models for medical Transcript Analysis

Hi, I am Tau from Microsoft L5DC and this is federated multilingual models for medical transcript analysis. This work is used in product that we are developing called text analytics for health. Text analytics for health is a platform for understanding clinical texts. Among its features is name identity recognition. We recognize over 30 types […]

Industry Usage

Thanks, Joe. I lead the Applied AI Group at Meta. We collaborate with leading companies across the industry for PyTorch adoption and integrations. I will share some of the key highlights from our work in 2022. From the latest LinkedIn talent report, we are seeing more than 44,000 professionals have tagged PyTorch as a skin […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0A: Python & OOP Fundamentals (Part 1/2)

Hello guys, welcome to part one of the Python and O if on the mental’s Restition. I’m with you Paul and I’ll be taking you to the registration. Now this serves to give you an introduction to Python and associated concepts. Now I hope you can start editing working with the Python language. And please […]

The AI Buzz, Episode #1: ChatGPT, Transformers and Attention

Hello, I’m Josh Starmer from the YouTube channel, StatQuest with Josh Starmer. And I’m Luke Antiga, CEO of Lightning AI. And together we’re going to talk, to dig it together, we host the AI Buzz, where we’re going to talk about the latest trends in AI, and just talk about why they will change everything, […]

Encoding a Feature Vector for PyTorch Deep Learning (4.1)

Welcome to applications of deep neural networks and PyTorch with Washington University. In this part, we’re going to take a look at how to encode tabular data for PyTorch. Tabular data is data that easily fits in something like Microsoft Excel. It’s not the slickest application of deep neural networks that are often doing computer […]